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    Foot care for dancers

    yoga toes are nice, too...
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    Foot care for dancers

    <-- fan of Yamuna foot wakers & foot savers, as well.
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    pre-competition disorder

    Excellent tutorial. Hope her dancing is as good as her makeup... :p
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    How do some people practice 5-8 hours per day while still making enough money to afford competition?

    Besides...8 hours practice every day can't be good for anyone.
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    Whining Thread #2

    Plus...they're sparkly.:p:D:)
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    "butting in"

    Not a fan of a competitive setting, seems like a blasphemous invasion of personal space. Better for show dancing than comping, IMHO.
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    FWIW, I find the phone app the best of the Fitbit interfaces...which aren't nearly as user-friendly as MyFitnessPal. The Fitbit apps are quite different across devices and in the browser, with the browser being the...stupidest IMHO.
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    Smelly excercise clothes

    Febreze is so toxic, can't imagine putting on body right near the lymph nodes... Vinegar and baking soda for the win.
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    Any FitBitters? Any who use the "friends" feature to provide a little healthy competition & support to keep things moving forward?
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    Belt loop or button, silly! :) Possibly open up and attach to inside of waistband.
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    Attach to your sacrum or ankle...
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    Ladies preference: Hard-bod or dad-bod?

    Thank goodness body type has little to do with quality of the dance experience...
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    Doesn't swole mean buff or ripped?
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    Whining Thread #2

    Had to google that...okay, get it. FWIW, wasn't remotely touching on that with my comment.