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    Beginners Question: Level of Fitness

    Don't worry about this - No one will be expecting you to lift anyone for quite some time! If its dips and drops you're worried about - they are, like your butterfly stroke, more a matter of technique than brute strength. they are also pretty much optional especially as you'll be leading, and...
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    You see, I've been going through what you could call some major life changes including abandoning the PhD, moving cities and starting my first actual, real, grownup job. My transport options are limited ATM, and although I've located a salsa club, I havn't actually been yet. Ditto the belly...
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    Nice to be back! Now I just have to start dancing again ;)
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    My card says I'm a scientist...........
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    Is All Music Dancable?

    Yes, FSV of 'Dance'
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    Why Do People Quit Forums?

    So, this is a sort of checking in post - I've been lurking for the past while, but I've just been lacking the creative energy to post or reply for a while. Still luv ya dance-forumites though. Cheers Sarah
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    How to nicely say, "Don't look at Me"

    Don't know about you, but I'd ham it up - Say something like "I know I'm the most georgeous thing in the room, and I understand that its really difficult to take your eyes off me, but do remember where your head should be pointing....:D" The grin is manditory ;) Cheers Sarah
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    Frustrations of a computer geek...........

    You guys are probably already familiar with Simon Travaglia. But just in case you aren't - ;) Cheers Sarah
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    £20 or Its Equivalent Challenge

    £20 ~ $60 NZ, which is quite enough for chinese and a movie for two, but probably won't cover coffee and cake afterwards.... If you factor in local cost of living though, £20 in the UK is probably worth slightly less than $20NZ in NZ. You could fix the amount to the big-mac index or...
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    So where exactly are you?

    I don't think anybody's gone for yellow yet - How 'bout that? Cheers S
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    How do you teach cool??

    Yeah - sounds to me like you're describing someone who has gone through technique and come out the other side.... You can't fake the confidence that comes with real competence. Cheers Sarah
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    "Forward this email to 10 people..."

    Don'tcha just love thr word Snopes uses for this stuff - Gluuuurrrrrrge. ;) I generally delete the email and send the sender the Snopes URL. Cheers Sarah
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    So where exactly are you?

    No - they're there - sharing an orange spot, as I don't have a pink on my colourtable. Cheers Sarah
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    So where exactly are you?

    :D Nobody accused me of having an underdeveloped ego - but do note that there are separate maps for the US and Europe
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    So where exactly are you?

    Temporarily :). I think I'll go back to being self-centered, literally. Anybody else got a favorite map projection? Thanks for providing the link. Cheers Sarah