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    completing the action

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    Trends in lesson length and scheduling

    There certainly were exceptions, but as a pattern, yes, this absolutely seemed to be the case! (Good memory Larinda!)
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    Trends in lesson length and scheduling

    Soooooo fits what I used to encounter, yes as far as lessons, but also what vendors would tell me about sponsored couples, etc.
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    Donating Dancesport Wear to College Teams

    For those looking to donate, please see the first post in this thread... it has a consolidated listing of all the programs and their relevant contact info! :) * Shameless plug: please PM me if you're interested in donating to the University of Arkansas Ballroom Team (I'm their Co-advisor)!
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    6/25 - Anchorage - Partnering Theory Workshop!

    For anyone in the Anchorage area who may be interested, I'll be teaching a Dance Partnering Theory workshop on Saturday (June 25, 2016), from 4:30-6pm, at Alaska Dance Promotions -- equally applicable to salsa/club and ballroom dances!
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    New member hello!

    Welcome to DF TL! :D
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    difference between cha cha and cha cha cha?

    The original cha-cha-cha used triplet timing, i.e. three steps evenly shuffled over two beats of music. In contrast to this 2/3-2/3-2/3 timing, the ballroom version uses 1/2-1/2-whole timing, i.e. 4-&-1 (with 4 and & each having .5 beats and 1 having a whole beat). What's confusing is that...