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    Pachanga or Boogaloo???

    Hi People Im sorting my songs right now, and found out that pachanga and boogaloo sound very similar. Is there a way to know if a song is pachanga or boogaloo? Thanku in advance
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    Song ID Thread

    hi people im searching for this song title COsv41id3us does anyone know which title it has? thank u in advance
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    Song ID Thread

    hi people, i was in st gallen convenction last week and had a workshop with rafael barros. they played this song: GsMY4b27D8c does anyone know what title it has? i need this for my next show, so please help :/
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    Can a girl teach a guy salsa?

    actually in zurich are several ladies who can dance both, and some can also teach both preatty good
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    So how many salsa moves (patterns) do you know???

    as tangotiem said, its all about quality, not quantity. But aniway, i knowabout 40, from very easy to master
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    3 tips: ball of the feet small steps do only figures u know, so u are sure in ur lead ;)
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    Song ID Thread

    try with this: mamborana - Es Solo Musica
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    name of really fast salsa songs....

    mine :O Alfredo Linares - Yo Traigo Boogaloo Brooklyn Sounds - En Las Tumbas Celia Cruz Y Johnny Pacheco - Bailen con la Punta del Pie Clodomiro Montes - Puerto Rico Zumbando Eddie Palmieri - Adoracion Eddie Palmieri - Bamboleate .............................. veeeeeery fast Eddie Palmieri -...
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    Does the sex of the instructor matter?

    hi, im a man and my teacher too. i think it depends weather he can teach u both or not. i tried both, man and lady figures with him (doing figures as lady help u out figuring how u have to handle as man ;) ) i feel good because he can teach me both, and i can handle any woman very soft now, or...
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    Improving my footwork and speed?

    this worked for me... practice some shines slowly, and look for a song u like. begin doing easy shines slowly, but be careful to not lose technique. when u fell u look good, get a faster song and practice some other shines, maybe 8 shines in 8 step, or even more if u feel u can... begin slowly...
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    Song ID Thread

    found ;) Kenny Quintero y Su Orquesta Brava - Me Llama La Rumba
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    remembering figures

    i had the same problem at the beginning. Few tips: go for social dancing write down the figure u know, and check them out sometime to be sure u remmber them worked fine for me
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    Mens' Shoes

    don't buy to expensive shoes for salsa, lern the basics and technics first, then u can check if u need good shoes or not ;)
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    What should I exprect at a salsa congress/festival?

    i was in st gallen convenction last week end. can only say.... sleep before and after, and dance 24h, it will be amazing, trust me ;)