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    The Weather Thread

    Not sure where you guys are but it's snowing here in the UK! it's been terrible.
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    Word Association

    divorce - would also be good to put all these words together to see the story LOL - not volunteering
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    Why Do Dancers Smoke?

    There are actually some really good forums out there to help you quit too ! I know a few people who quit using quickmist and several forums
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    Teachers Hired at a Party

    Personally I agree with Dancers On Ice "I don't see a problem with #1, assuming that (if this is their home studio) the owner is fine with it. It's none of my business who dances with whom. At NS the male teachers seem to make an effort to dance with as many people as they can, but some nights...
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    Teaching in Bristol Uk

    Ah do let us know how you get on; I suppose it will be hard to compete with the other established schools. Keep at it :)
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    Hey Everybody!!! Forum Software Upgrade in the Works

    it is important to keep software updated especially Vbulletin as it's one of the main CMS (apart from Wordpress) that gets hacks. I've ran VBulletin several times so if you get stuck let me know ;)
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    Why Do Dancers Smoke?

    Smoking is a terrible habit nonetheless however I know some dancers who use what's called Electronic cigarettes which are similar to normal smoking but less harmful.
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    What do you think of wearing a scarf with a t-shirt for men?

    Thanks Pygmalion, good to be here :)
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    Dance shoe index, new and improved!

    Wow - how long did that take? some really useful links there, thanks :)
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    Teaching in Bristol Uk

    Hi Tango - did you manage to get setup in Bristol? As this is mainly a US forum it's good to hear people from the UK here :)
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    I would of thought Ricky Martin - did anyone find out?
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    What do you think of wearing a scarf with a t-shirt for men?

    If i'm honest I really dislike it, both out of preference wearing it and seeing other people wear it. But with anything in fashion it comes down to your own taste and it's not to mine.
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    Taking the lead: So you think you can challenge gender roles in dance?

    As with most press stories you don't understand the facts she may of turned aggressive/abusive and asked to leave. Personally, if the partner does not mind there should be no problems (and no partner should object really). It's never been a problem from my experience, just preference.