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    Smooth hairstyles for short hair

    I just do my normal style but make sure it doesn't move and focus on interesting earrings. Will not slick it back makes me look ancient.
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    DWTS season 19

    I don't even want to see Alison dance in her specialty - just wish we could vote her off the show.
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    When I grow-up, I want to dance like...

    Marzena Stachura for smooth & Karina Smirnoff for rhythm/latin
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    Partner tryouts for non-elite dancers

    Even more important than skill level is working with a partner you get along well with. My only and last amateur partner was a pita to work with. Thought he had extraordinary talent (he did not) & spent more time teach ing me than our coach did. Will remain pro am forever after that experience.
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    DWTS season 19

    Hated, and I do mean hated the contemporary routine regardless of storyline. I like some contemporary but that was more like gymnastics, bad gymnastics IMO. Agree Julianne needs to learn how to dress herself and don't think she adds much as a judge other than fawning over the men. Much preferred...
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    DWTS season 19

    Judging was awful last night praise for dancers who performed nonrecognizeable dances and criticism for those who tried but as usual music didn't help. Could not find a samba beat in Alfonso's song. Felt sorry for Jonathon - his "pro" needs to go & Tommy has quite the bod for a 76 year old
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    The "I Will Never Get This" Club Support Group

    Oh I have the freakishly long arm syndrome too! Have found if I just relax and let them go they look much better. Instructor calls me monkey arms! LOL!
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    The "I Will Never Get This" Club Support Group

    Right now heel turns are my nemesis. Can do them perfectly on their own but in sequence rarely. Think I just get freaked out knowing they're coming up and freeze.
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    Tried to watch since I know 2 of the pros but couldn't do it, got through about 5 minutes and turned it off.
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    DWTS season 19

    Am in the happy Lolo's gone camp. As a 32 year old former Olympian she has faced losing before. Her rant on Monday sounded like a spoiled 12 year old.
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    Finger Snapping

    Several judges have told me they find snapping and pointing at audience quite annoying
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    What's your dance fantasy?

    Perfect balance
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    shoe tips

    Look at Werner Kern Rita for smooth/standard & Aida for latin.
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    do they still have runners for the judge in competitions

    Am on the westcoast and have been a runner, haven't seen electronic scoring yet. BTW being a runner is more exhausting than competing!
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    Private lessons

    Thanks for speaking up Larinda. I totally agree and no longer find social dancing fun. I rarely go to parties at the studio & am sure I'm considered a dance snob. Who cares? For me the joy is in learning. Love my private lessons & their intensity. Competing is for me just icing on that cake. You...