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    what do you guys do for living?

    I'm an accounting student/financial planner/one who dances ballroom. My (lack of) skills don't constitute the title of "ballroom dancer." Lol.
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    What are Your Favorite Words???

    Zymurgy. This branch of science brings about some of the tastiest beverages in the world. :)
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    Shoes for going to clubs (not suede soles)?

    Thank you for the link and place forgive my ignorance! :D
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    Shoes for going to clubs (not suede soles)?

    Hi guys, I've been on here off and on for a while but this is my first official post so my apologies if this has been addressed... I was looking for some suggestions for an affordable men's shoe to go out to clubs and such. I don't want to ruin my ballroom shoes, but I haven't found any street...