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    Hello!! Im back after more than a years absence and I can see so many new faces (names? lol) but its good to see a lot of old ones too! Quite a lot has happened in my personal life but Ive danced my way thru it all and after 4 years decided to bite the bullet and am now avidly searching...
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    Had to happen sooner or later..

    Im now partner-less :( So begins the long haul to find a new one! Im at a low level so anyone would do, but there just arent any guys out there around here and the 2 that might have been were too tall :roll: What do you do with your time out of competive training?
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    Blackpool Results - Predictions

    I have no idea! But I love hearing about the rising star events...a glimpse to the futer :wink:
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    Really Sad

    I didnt know you were a fellow Aussie pianoman :D I saw pictures in the paper of does look pretty bad!
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    Australia Tourism!

    Id make sure the roof was on that convertible SD..wouldnt want one of those Drop Bears landing in your car..
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    Really Sad

    Just heard at a competition on the weekend that a studio belonging to one of Aussie TV's judges on Dancing with the stars has been deliberately burned down! Apparently its all gone, nothing was salvageable. Makes you wonder what sort of person would do something like that! Although it...
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    hernando's hideaway - for tango?

    Ross Mitchell's one is my just screams Tango for me :D But then again I love all his Tangos....they are so...tango-y!
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    Can a good teacher be a bad dancer?

    Oh yes! I have one teacher who get so overtly excited about teaching even the most basic step that his classes are the most fun to attend, I dont mind taking them even though they are just beginners and I often have to dance the mans part! The excitement rubs off and his classes are always...
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    Can a good teacher be a bad dancer?

    Im saying Yes also :D One of my teachers isnt the best dancer out there, but he is such a great teacher! He knows every detail about every step, body and foot alignment and positioning, body swing and sway etc etc.. and because he is such a perfectionist it has rubbed off on me and its my...
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    Shoe Straps

    Supadance have them too. I own a pair and love them, i dont think I will ever go back to the ones without the straps..I still have a few old pairs here that I wear for practice occasionally, but mostly its my strap ones. I dont know if it actually gives you more stability..but i do feel...
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    Dance Rubber??

    I've never tried it personally, but 2 people I know who dance in the open use it even during cometition so they cant seem to think its all that bad. Im curious to give it a try but dont know if I would feel comfortable sticking it to my dance shoes...and Ive been advised against buying dance...
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    Studio Sharing

    Yes thats where the problem lies I think...people are just so loyal to their teachers..I mean I understand that, but even the best of the best go around the world training with different teachers! I go to several studios but only for social purposes, its rare that I take classes at other...
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    Dance Movies

    There is one called Mad About Mambo... a film set in Ireland with the lead played by Keri Russell. Burn the Floor...which I personally think is a MUST see! Assasination Tango has some great Tango scenes in it although the movie itself I though was average..
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    Dance Rubber??

    There is also cork... peopel I know swear by it for their dance sneakers and latin shoes..
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    Viennese Waltz Songs

    Perfect tempo for the New Vogue Waltzes :wink: