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    Collegiate Dancing in Austin, TX

    This is my ballroom dance club at UT Austin! If you're in the area and a college student come check us out! We even hold a competition once a year! Just had it though, so no luck this year ;) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Texas...
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    Looking for Blackpool Tickets

    Along those lines...since I've never been... how many tickets do they sell? Do they have a website?
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    Wait a sec.... Polka?

    Are there alot of steps in polka? All I know of is that hoppy step that almost looks like a quickstep move. I don't really know country western so just curious :)
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    How much do you spend on dancing?

    Ballpark figure? Outrageous I know. 1/3 of my total income.
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    Have you ever felt completely uninspired???

    Yeah school is a big drag for me right now too. All I can say is that dance has been a very healing part of my life (so to speak)
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    flexibility and fitness for ballroom dancers

    To everyone who has said yoga, I think it's absolutely great! It gives you strength and flexibility without all the wear and tear. I have enjoyed some weight lifting in the past, but in my experience it is good to learn weightlifting under a certified trainer...don't wanna mess anything up
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    lessons: what are you working on?

    Been working on good checks, the pivoting action of the feet, and keeping my feet paths not crossed... Hurrah!
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    "Certified Instructors"

    Yes the ISTD tests are quite comprehensive...! But as someone said earlier certified generally means pays their dues to some organization. Other than the ISTD I don't know of any noteworthy organization in the US....
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    Trophies, ribbons, and medals - what would you do with them?

    LOL So it's true! Thank you, that just made my day!
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    turns and spins in latin/rhythm

    I dunno if that's a valid conclusion to the nature of the differences in styles there's certainly an emphasis on different movements, but at the highest levels I'm not sure if one can say that the best Latin/Rhythm dancer cannot spin as well as a Salsa dancer. --Was this a debate...
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    turns and spins in latin/rhythm

    In Salsa sometimes it seems like they're "cheating" because they spin by using one foot as a focal point and twirling around that leg. For the latin (as you mentioned it the 3 point turns), it's actually 3 distinct yes it's very different. But if you ask me it really boils down to...
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    Trophies, ribbons, and medals - what would you do with them?

    Yeah as long as they're remotely similar for couples. At first I was afraid that every couple would be getting their own "version" of an award. lol Then it would be like...garage sale meets Ballroom!
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    Latin costume advice please

    Yeah that's a pretty color. Dark blues can work really well on the dance floor in my pinion.
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    Trophies, ribbons, and medals - what would you do with them?

    They're not afraid of discontinuities in the style of their presentation awards?
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    Chacha choreography coming up this Friday!!

    Is it for a performance? Or are you dancing in a competition?