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    USA Dance Membership for 2013

    I got my reminder in an email, but sadly I can't afford to renew it. :(
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    Dance Boosts Young Girls' Mental Health

    I think this is totally accurate, especially in social dancing.
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    Today I am wearing... club

    Jazz pants, bra top, and scarf, all wrapped in a blanket... I may need to rethink my winter clothing choices... :P
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    What do you think of wearing a scarf with a t-shirt for men?

    I'm a big fan as long as his body is good. Granted I'm from way north in the states, so guys wear scarves all winter, but I give shiny gold stars (virtual ones, real ones are reserved for call-backs and such :P) to most guys wearing fashion scarves.
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    Cleaning rhinestones

    Elmers does work awesome to put stones in your hair (and comes out super easy!)
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    Word Association

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    Official OSB 2012 thread

    I got to try on a real gown this OSB, it may have been the highlight of my weekend... :) Its probably a good thing I'm not allowed to compete in them though...I defn couldn't afford it... but my goodness it was GORGEOUS! :D
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    New Music for Christmas Dances

    We use several songs from a nightmare before christmas as christmas tangos. There is also an actual cd called Tango Christmas, we dance to some of it through spotify. :)
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    holding onto woman's breast - during dance

    We've done this in the past with several urm... overly friendly (?) guys who would squish the girl and make them feel uncomfortable. After we had a guy talk with him with almost exactly the same format caw suggested, he quit squishing his partners. We don't really know if he honestly didn't know...
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    Taking the lead: So you think you can challenge gender roles in dance?

    *laughs* I learned cause there wasn't enough male leads. Now we ask almost all of our competitive ladies to learn to lead at our social lessons so we can make sure to always have enough leads. :)
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    Taking the lead: So you think you can challenge gender roles in dance?

    I know on my collegiate team, every woman can lead and its fairly common for women to lead other women (even in competitions) due to a lack of men. This last weekend at the National Collegiate Dancesport championship there was a male male couple though!
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    MUST-KNOWS for first time at a formal (university) dance

    I think it depends entirely on what school and who is putting it on. More info?
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    National Collegiate DanceSport Challenge 2012

    I had a ton of fun this weekend! A little disappointed in my placements, but more motivated than ever for the future! Plus the collegiate meeting was very interesting... potentially very helpful for the future!
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    Official OSB 2012 thread

    I'm with mindputtee, I remember them all, but I couldn't hear any of the names from the balconies.. :( Could someone maybe help me out?
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    Donating Dancesport Wear to College Teams

    I know our club is a non profit, so anything that is donated to us counts in that way. Much as donating things to goodwill does, only by donating to a college team you know the dance stuff won't be used just for dress up :P