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    My black and white dress for sale

    Thanks! :)
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    My black and white dress for sale

    I can't believe this gorgeous dress hasn't sold, especially at this price!! If I were still competing and not 9 months pregnant, I would be all over this. :p
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    No one insanity workout is enjoyable. Far from it. The process is gratifying, the results enjoyable. Not to mention, DH seemed to be enjoying the results of my hard work. ;) I wasn't able to finish the full series. I got through about 5 weeks and then had to stop. In those 5 weeks I felt...
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    How do spinal fusions affect competitive dancing?

    You probably know better than anyone here since you have already had a fusion. But just to share the limited knowledge I have of it... my father had a fusion and regrets it. He said the benefit he has seen from it isn't even near worth the recovery he had to go through, and it has affected his...
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    My black and white dress for sale

    Still drooling over this dress. So beautiful.
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    2013 Mid-Atlantic Championships

    Although I'm not competing anymore, this is one of my favorite competitions, at one of my favorite hotels, and practically in my back yard! I definitely plan to come watch. :)
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

    Club soda with lime.
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    Another Hair and Makeup Thread

    The eyelash glue is definitely tricky to get out, but if you take your time it isn't that bad. Pick all of the stones off and set them aside to use again next time. Then get in the shower and after washing your hair a couple of times, put A LOT of conditioner in your hair and comb through it...
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    using your head in standard

    Reverse turning figures.
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    Student Challenges Prevalent in the Pro-am Structure

    While I haven't done pro-am, I think this perspective is relevant for any student learning anything. The positive feedback is not only necessary for emotional reasons, although of course I'm not discrediting the value of that. But the positive feedback is also as important as the constructive...
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    Baby Shower Ideas?

    That is A LOT! I know you are the hostess with the mostest, but let me assure you this is much much more than many many people would do. My mouth is watering just reading this. :)
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    Baby Shower Ideas?

    Oh my goodness, Peaches. You are throwing her a beautiful shower, and on top of that making her a gift that takes a lot of time and effort. THAT IS PLENTY. I wouldn't even consider getting her something else.
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    Movies NOT to watch

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    Independence Day Ball 2012

    I'm planning to attend the social dances Friday and/or Saturday.
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    Baby Shower Ideas?

    What's the recipe?