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    Salsa "threesomes" yep again!

    Hi there! I know there was already a topic about this before but can't find it.... anyways do any of you guys dance with two partners at the same time??? Couple months ago I wasn't able to do it then yesterday night, I went dancing and tried it... Well it wasn't THAT bad, the girls weren't used...
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    1,2,3 or quick quick slow

    Heheh same here xcept when I learn some new moves then I use the 1, 2, 3. I dunno how people can learn something with quick, quick, slow...
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    Your Strong and Weak Points?

    Good: I can learn very fast, anything I see somebody else doing, I have no trouble doing the same moves couple minutes later... Bad: It's a very bad one... After a year and something of dancing, I'm still loosing my steps (sometimes though) ... I dunno how, I just have trouble following the...
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    How old is your salsa life?

    Salsa was the very first dance class I've ever had (well besides merengue and bachata which was part of it...) It's been a year and something that I'm dancing salsa now! Yay! But I'm still taking salsa courses, never have enough!
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    Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage?

    may sound little weird to some people here, but I really don't like wine :? Don't know why, simply don't like the taste... On Christmas dinner and so on, I do drink wine (WHITE wine) but besides that, nope!
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    YEP! :wink:
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    Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage?

    I drink very rarely but when I do, I look after nice drinks... My favourite? Hmmm Una Piña Colada con tequila or a baileys or a nice martini... Or simple Jack Daniel's from time to time or Smirnoff Vodka... There're some more but these are among my favourite... Also mexican, brasilian beers...
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    As for me, I was lucky because the first times I only went dancing with my partner who was as good as me so I wasn't alone... Once I went alone without her, tried dancing with another girl and sucked sooo much... I spent the rest of the night sitting and looking at those great dancers... But...
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    Salseros - How do you handle a wild Salsera?

    I have a friend, she's beginning dancing salsa... I went dancing with her once and gosh darnit!, she's dancing alone! She doesn't need a leader, she's doing everything by her-self! IT,s pretty strange, I had absolutely nothing to do... It's kinda hard and not pleasant at all dancing with someone like...
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    what do you guys do for living?

    I'm a secondary five student (in Quebec, dunno what it is in the US or anywhere else...)... I'm working part time as a computer technician, programmer and a sales representative... Pays really well but it's only a part time/summer job, I plan to continue my studies but don't know yet waht I'm...
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    When the clubs stop having Salsa...

    :cry: :cry: :cry: In my city we had only one club having salsa nights (only on fridays though) and it closed two weeks ago... Because of some imature idiots who came there to drink and got drunk and fought and now there's no more dancing there... :cry: :cry: :cry: It was the only club...
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    How common is bachata?

    I had my salsa course and asked my teacher to give me some private bachata courses... And so he did... So, some of you remember when I told you that I didn't like it that much and etc!? Well, I was completely wrong! I knew only the basic steps and moves of bachata so that's why it wasn't that...
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    Freezing up on the dance floor

    I think you only need lots of practice... It used to happen to me before when I started dancing... Now I don't have that prob anymore so I think it's all about practice and time! Good luck!
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    Salsa" threesomes"

    I did it in merengue but I'm really not good enough to even think about trying it in salsa... But my dance teacher does it and it's simply great.... Really enjoy watching him do it...
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    What is bachata?

    Most of you seem to like bachata... Personally I don't like it that much... Don't really know why, maybe because I only had basic instructions and know the base steps... But besides these, are there any other or that's all!? I really like merengue or salsa much, much more... For those who know a...