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    American's Ballroom Challenge

    "Rie, Llora" by Celia Cruz
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    American's Ballroom Challenge

    I think this was a Celia Cruz song if I'm not mistaken. I'll have to watch the vid again, though. It's been a while!
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    DFers in Orlando, Florida

    Some off the top of my head: -Dance Orlando in Longwood (north of Orlando). They usually have something going on every weekend (Sat & Sun). Huge dance floor. -USA Dance at Bahia Shrine Auditorium in Maitland (north of Orlando) on Fridays. Usually well attended.
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    Translation of song lyrics from Spanish

    You might want to try Google's page translator feature. I tried it out on one of your pages with Spanish lyrics. Although not a perfect translation, I think it provides a good gist of what the song is about (some creativity will still be required to make sense of some phrases).
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    Pick the latin couples whose dancing you like the most.

    Yulia and Riccardo! :)
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    Social Dancing in Paris(France)

    To follow up- Here are a couple of ballroom dance schools in Paris (thanks, Kodryanka!): I can't tell whether these studios host social/practice parties, though. Maybe someone w/ better French can figure it out?
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    Social Dancing in Paris(France)

    Chris, Did you ever find some good places for social dancing in Paris? I'll be travelling there soon. Thanks!
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    Lively Cha Cha Songs?

    Rie y llora- Celia Cruz
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    Myers Briggs and Ballroom Dance

    I'm an INTJ, too....shifted from ISTJ a couple of years ago, though. My S/N has always been borderline.
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    New Year's Dance Camp and Ball- Orlando, FL

    This is going on this week....just found out about it. Here's a link to the schedule:
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    World Salsa Championships Orlando

    Is this so? Were all the judges from ballroom? Just curious.
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    Haters of Dancesport - "Real" Latin American Dancing

    I agree, ME. I think we saw this with DWTS and Helio. As we all know, Helio is from Brazil, where Samba is considered the 'national dance.' It is closely tied to their identity. It was interesting to see Helio's reaction when Julianne was teaching him 'Samba'....totally different from what he...
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    World Salsa Championships Orlando

    No results were announced last night. Semi finals continue today with finalists selected probably past midnight.
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    Milton Cobo & Masha - J&J @ 2007 SF Congress

    Wow! Thanks for sharing :) LOVE her