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    Sir Ken Robinson

    As a teenager in the early 90s my school had "dance" as part of PE. I remain traumatised by being forced to take part in perfomances to the whole of Cats, the sound track of Lost boys and Everybody wants to be cat amongst other atrocities. In addition to the fact that our PE uniform when not...
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    i noticed in the discussion about the cross that there seemed to be some confusion over collection. Collection happens by default, when you relax your leg it drops in to place. years go we used to be told to actively collect, and especially in boleos (voleos, whatever i don't know the verb it's...
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    Man's Walk: Porteños and Panthers

    Also I think Corky is awesome and I plan to fly him over to Paris to give workshops on "sensual walking" at my milonga.
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    Man's Walk: Porteños and Panthers

    love you peaches. What was this thread about again? Here's a thought, I'm pretty much in the camp of what I like to call "pre-modernism" which means I have very little patience for reading pages and pages of people wittering on about irrelevant nonsense. Sadly to mangle the famous pig quote...
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    "Dear Simone"

    well for a start the whole "europeans trapped south of the equator" thing. Quite simply, a lot of them are. anyway I just don't think it's right for people to start slagging people off on anonymous forums. Probably some one will pull out quote from me from ages ago when I've been very pissed...
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    Tango snobs...

    ART? Oh for god's sake.
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    "Dear Simone"

    That will have been because there were so many londoners there.
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    "Dear Simone"

    I'm sorry but can I just step in here and say, a hell of a lot of italians and eastern europeans emigrated to Argentina before and after WWII. So a Crap load of people are actually 1st or second generation European immigrants. Can we have less illinformed ranting please? Danny has his own axe...
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    Media Luna (Half Moon)

    chris is that you?
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    Media Luna (Half Moon)

    for those not in the know, a media luna is a croissant.
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    Preconceptions and other secrets about Argentine Tango

    they used to give away very cool free gifts. any one else got one of those strange orange dolls?
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    What are the 5 top reasons that make a man ask a woman to dance? Beauty comes first?

    i am offended by the thought that some of you gits deliberately don't ask women who are too attractive/young some of us spend a lot of time and money to maintain the charade.
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    Media Luna (Half Moon)

    oh yeah, is "clive" actually going to any lessons or is he just teaching himself from videos? i just can't be bothered to read the thread to find out flicking through there seems to be a lot of tedious nit picking. Zoopsia i was remembering the story of how the cottage cheese was corrupted by...
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    Media Luna (Half Moon)

    it's all arbitrary words. just bollocks. that's the problem we have on many of these threads. pedants getting their knickers in a twist over jargon. we might as well bring bck the fruit loop. i'm sure he'd have lot to say about syllabi.
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    "I'm Learning Tango." And They Imagine?...

    no it's what moving to Saint Dizier for work has done to me. If only I were a physical scientist.....