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    What is your key to success?

    Do you have any personal thing that you feel like is what helped you get where you are and accomplish your goals? Like, that one piece of advice or that one comment that just made you dance very successful? Please share, Thanks!
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    Why Do Dancers Smoke?

    Sadly, many dancers and athletes in general use smoking as a means to control their weight. Cigarettes contain some very addictive substances that are very hard to over come. I myself have never smoked and never will. I hate the smell of cigarettes.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all of you!
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    How do we identify Salsa music?

    Salsa is a mix of all sorts of elements together: son, mambo, old-school rhythm and blues, jazz, funk among others, that comes together to make a sound we can identify as Salsa, even if it is hard to describe.
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    How are you, today?

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    What's your favorite quote and why?

    "Happiness depends upon ourselves." - Aristotle
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    Your Best Thanksgiving Bird You Ever Had was?

    We usually took turns during the holidays visiting my grandparents. A number of years ago we were visiting and it happened that my grandmother cooked the turkey. She wrapped the turkey up in bacon, then the oven did the work. Our turkey roasted for 3 hours, and she removed it when the thigh...
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    Modern mambo songs

    How about "I Love Salsa" by N'Klabe - it is modern and recognizable.
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    Song Title Game

    If My Heart Was a House - Owl City
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    Dancing With the Stars All-Star Edition Coming Next Season to ABC!

    Gilles will undoubtedly be determined to "conquer" in the ballroom and being there with last season’s pro champ, Peta, seems like a great thing -- and they will make a very elegant pair.
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    "Hold me in your arms" What dance goes with this song?

    The Triple Two Step can be danced to country-western polka music like the song you mentioned.
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    Do You Feel Like Eating After A Dance?

    I found that a small lollipop give me the energy I need for about an hour.