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    Sad News

    I just received news that Rob Sanchez known here on DF as Generalist passed away from a heart attack earlier today. All thoughts and prayers to his family. I knew Rob personally from the dance scene up in Phoenix.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

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    Your Favorite Tunes for: WEST COAST SWING

    Let's Walk - Austin DeLong Bubba's Shag Shack - Bill Coday Eeezy Now - AquaBlue
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    How old is your studio?

    The longest running one here since 1997.
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    Did anyone watch the big game Sunday?

    Meaning if indeed he does...
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    Did anyone watch the big game Sunday?

    Good to see Peyton Manning go out with a 2nd SB ring. As for Cam Newton, sore loser.
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    Eye Test

    Tea. Assuming the title is not included...
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    Eye Test

    What is the first word you see...
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    Am I too tall for Ballroom dancing?

    Are you kidding, many people much taller in ballroom, men and women.
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    Glenn Frey has passed away

    Saw then in concert twice. If you've never been to an Eagles concert you missed something.
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    Glenn Frey has passed away

    May heaven welcome the new kid in town.
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    Glenn Frey has passed away

    Sad news from the music world, again. Glenn Frey of the Eagles has passed away. Most of my fave Eagles tunes are those sung by GF. Some of the greatest R&R ever recorded. A heartache tonight for Eagles fans. So sad he's already gone...
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    Life is Hard Thread

    And will eventually undergo cataract surgery likely this coming year, but not worried much about that.
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    Life is Hard Thread

    Yesterday I had to go to the VA hospital as I was experiencing chest pains. Good news is that it was NOT a heart attack, but need to undergo stress test to determine cause of discomfort. Scheduled for this in February.
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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    Not actually a movie, but did watch Roger Waters The Wall. RW, who was part of Pink Floyd put together a band and did a performance of The Wall.