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    Salsa in Houston, Texas

    Dear friends, Is there anyone here living in Houston? What can you recommend me in terms of Salsa there? I have a good friend who is visiting for a month and a half starting with next week. And most definitely he would loooooooooooove to go to Salsa. Please help! Thanks in advance
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    Reasons why you should be dancing salsa right now

    Lol.... If you do not fall for somebody from the scene and the relationship just doesn't work out and then this increases your depression since you are forced to meet them, like, every day... :D
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    Looking at cleavage

    I love cleavage... I wear low cut things all the time. And I am not offended by men looking at my boobs. This is why I am buying the special push-up bras and low cut tops in the first place... I know they look and, as long as there is no spit running down their chins, I am perfectly fine with...
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    Looking at cleavage

    Oh Yes tangotime! I do agree!
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    Your Favorite Tunes for: CHA-CHA?

    Tito Puente - Tito on timbales
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    I am currently listening to ...

    Yes tangotime... :)) We are pretty confused!
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    Looking for a song...

    LOL... thanks TJ but I have Tito Puente already...
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    Looking for a song...

    Gosh I am sooooooooo stupid! I said Finals... Adelante was the song in the Semi-Finals. The song in the Finals was Tito Puente - 100th street and 5th avenue... Maybe someone has it?
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    Looking for a song...

    Hmmm... Oliver said this was the song... interesting... Maybe it is faster... I don't know... gotta listen to it! Thanks again, tj!
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    Do all the better dancers, do it on2?

    LOL. I started with Colombian Salsa... did a little Cuban, then on1, now on2. :) I think you can find good dancers in all "types of Salsa"... The "really advanced dancers" only know more styles. And this is part of what makes them so good.
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    Looking for a song...

    Thanks. I PM-ed you.
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    Looking for a song...

    Guys... I am looking for a song. Mario Canonge - Adelante It's the song Oliver Pineda is using in his routine from the finals of the WSC. :) Any help would be appreciated.
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    World Salsa Championships Orlando

    Still no permission. I think it's my server settings...
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    World Salsa Championships Orlando

    Cannot access the link...
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    Dancing with more than the person you came with

    I do not really care if a woman invites the man I am with. Nor do I like it if the man I am with gets angry at my being invited by strangers. Now, of course, we have to define the situation. If we hold each other and maybe kiss or stare in each other's eyes, then yes, I do have a problem with...