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    dance based Youtube channel, THOUGHTS

    I like the idea myself... I could always use another YouTube rabbit hole to go down. I know YouTube (or Google as the case may be) was giving incentives away for quality YouTube channels. Don't know if they're still at it, but it might be worth a try. I think a demo would be great if it seems...
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    The Weather Thread

    Supremely cold, I dare say the winter I spent working in Alaska was a touch more friendly (weather wise) than what we've got in Chicago today through this week. I hope everyone in the area is staying warm!
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    Word Association

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    gratitude thread

    Today I am grateful that I have a warm place to live, a good car to get me where I need to be, and patience to take the time to work my plan.
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    Word Association

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    gratitude thread

    Today I am grateful that the Holiday has come and gone with little more than the usual flare. The last week of this year is going to be BUSY and I was grateful for the brief reprieve.
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    Word Association

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    Dance studio overhead costs

    That very thing seems to be quite prevalent in my neck of the woods the last couple of years...
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    Word Association

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    Embarrassing Situations (non-dance)

    I've been in the process (again) of trying to be more fit, I noticed my jeans were really loose, but decided to wear them anyway. Well they came down as I was going up my outside stairs to my apartment a few weeks ago! YES a few neighbors were outside! Thank goodness I was wearing foundation...
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    What made you smile today?

    I had a fitness assessment at my gym today... I'm 25lbs lighter than I thought I was (I was hiding from the scale) and somehow gained 3/4" in height, now at 5'11", which I attribute to dance improving my posture. :-D
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    gratitude thread

    Three years ago today I experienced a loss of all my worldly possessions, and today I am grateful for all the people (many from my dance family) who came forward to help me during that time of great need. I am a very lucky woman!
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    You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

    You adopt three kittens (now 3 yrs old) and instead of naming them after the two that passed away... you name them Salsa, Cha Cha, and Tango. Also, after leaving the dance floor you struggle to find any long standing source of inspiration, only to be FLOODED with it two years later after your...
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    dating my dance instructor

    Hi Kristen! While I don't know your exact situation, to say that my first pro and I had an intense platonic relationship (as odd as that sounds) is really hard, but true. Hindsight being 20/20 I would have done everything I could to lessen the intensity had I known how it really messed up our...
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    Dance studio overhead costs

    This is interesting! I'm in agreement that the best way to help a studio is to help generate business. Gifts can sometimes end up changing a relationship with a pro, or business and not for the better. In the area around me the last couple of years I have actually marveled at how many new...