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    Manhattan Amateur Classic (MAC) 2010

    Aww, well, you looked great at DCDI ... hope you find someone and can compete soon. :)
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    SJSU 13th Ballroom Dance Classic

    I was told there were 6 or 7 couples registered for Open Standard - about a week ago, and they were still working on finalizing everything, so perhaps may even be more?
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    Pillars in the Studio

    I can't think of any that do ...
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    How are your practices going?

    FlyingKamakiri - what a thorough analysis of practice! I am looking forward to practice today as Monday's practice was eye-opening and we had some really interesting changes happening.
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    Autumn Dance Classic 2009

    Thanks TC - hope to see you around.
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    Autumn Dance Classic 2009

    Unfortunately not making it to this comp ... have fun to everyone competing and spectating. :)
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    Pacific Grand Ball

    Drive back was not too bad, thanks for asking :)
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    Pacific Grand Ball

    Thanks! :)
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    Pacific Grand Ball

    Haha, no of course not. When are you dancing? If I'm around I'd love to see you dance too. :)
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    Pacific Grand Ball

    Haha ... good point. :)
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    Pacific Grand Ball

    We will be there ... but TC already knew that! Sorry we won't run into each other at this comp, TC. Maybe the next? Good luck to everyone competing. See you tomorrow DanPost. Excited to see you guys dance -- don't think I've had the pleasure yet.
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    International Grand Ball 2009

    Oh, I didn't go ... schedules didn't match up unfortunately and we had to scratch. :(
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    International Grand Ball 2009

    Thanks TC, that was really entertaining. :) Good luck with everything and I hope you make some sales tomorrow! :)
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    You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

    I haven't checked the rest of the thread so someone may have already said this, but ... You catch a glimpse of a cool color or pattern and you think "Hmm, that would make a good ballgown" And it happens all the time.
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    USA Dance Nationals 2010--maybe Orlando?

    Good to know there's still a chance it might not be three time zones away :) Will keep my fingers crossed.