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    Its a minefield!!!!

    I can't really reply now because I have to leave for AT lesson. Also, I have to analize my upset feelings over your "but not necessarily the new people" remark.:confused: Stanley~
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    Snotty Subculture

    OK by me.
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    Snotty Subculture

    "I was the one who was using the word ''insist'' and I was referring to ''not giving up'' regarding the often difficult first part of the learning process. I am sure Stan was talking about the same thing." Thank you Yogur griego. Stanley~ jfm: I would never "pressing a point on somebody...
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    Snotty Subculture

    Thank you, Yogur griego, for your reply. I believe that I am one that will "insist" as my dancing skills improve... I will not be chased away. I will be looking for those "many women" (good dancers) you speak of. Stanley~
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    Tangobro: This is the most fun vid I've seen since joining the AT community. This is how I want to someday dance and have fun. Thanks, Syanley~
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    Snotty Subculture

    It was, Thanks. Stanley~
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    Snotty Subculture

    Thank you, Stanley~
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    Snotty Subculture

    I can always hope. Thanks,:) Stanley~
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    Snotty Subculture

    I would like to share. Tonight was a great time for me. I went to the every Saturday night milonga hosted by my dance studio. It was sparsely attended, probably due to The Memorial Day Holiday. No other beginner students were there. There is normally a beginner/new student lesson taught by an...
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    Snotty Subculture

    I don't know about the hunting ground of the cougar..., but I can certainly relate to the journey as I am new to AT. I do not, now, feel so alone. Stanley~
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    fingers-middle back-toes-fingers-middle back-toes... feel... relax... breathe... enjoy... expand... repeat til death or the rapture Please explain "fingers-middle back-toes-fingers-middle back toes..." to a newbie. Thanks
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    Learning Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires

    I really liked this thread. It reminded me of myself. as a newbie which of course I still am. I think that AT is not just learning a dance like Cha Cha (please don't get me wrong Cha Cha is fun and very sociable) but more like a lifestyle. I go to bed thinking about AT and I wake up thinking...
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    Disparaging comments...

    I have been, almost, a social recluse, for too many years. AT is, to me, a great tool for rejoining the the social scene and bringing me out of my shell. I think this post is very succinct. Thank you.
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    Suggestions for a present to a teacher

    Very interesting posts for a newbie AT dancer like me. Thank you.
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    Dancing in sneakers

    This was a fun thread. Thanks