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    Teaching Charleston / Lindy Hop

    Well, ok, just one lesson. Those of you who have been around for a while and have noticed my involvement over the years might be surprised to read about me doing this. But, I was (willingly) roped into talking about / giving a lesson on a twenties era dance. I settled on a Charleston basic and...
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    Lindy instruction in Portland?

    One of the characteristics of Western Swing, is the use of a rhythm section to supply the underlying beat of the songs. If there is a drummer in the group, they usually play a pretty understated beat. There are three groups that qualify for that label who play at SS. If it was Thursday, it was...
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    Lindy Hop - Is It Thriving or Dying?

    Well, Charleston is a pretty significant part of Lindy Hop, and I see that when I'm at the Secret Society. I took a few level 2 Lindy Hop lessons at Viscount Studio, and for various reasons din;t attend the next month long session on Charleston. So, I did the two hour long workshop yesterday...
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    Annoyed at influx of newbie couples to the dance scene

    It'a been a really long time since I was married, but, I think not. Kind of contradicts statement #1. My neighbors, who have two grow daughters and will soon be grandparents, have started taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray. With no kids at home, and one of them retired, they now have time...
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    Where was this when Urban Cowboy came out?

    The higher up you go, the more mistakes you are allowed. Right at the top, if you make enough of them, it's considered to be your style. -Fred Astaire
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    $1000s from great coaches and this ...

    Normally I ignore this sort of thing, but when I saw Rock Around the Clock, well, an under appreciated classic.. What are they supposed to be dancing to this? Maybe they should have used Honky Tonk Badonkey Donk? Which I just tried to learn a line Dance to.
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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    Hostiles..a western in a league with Unforgiven
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    Thanks for recommending In Cahoots San Diego CA western shirt, jeans...tall guy, say hi if you are there
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    Texas Two Step

    Some of you know that I've spent a fair amount of time looking onto the history of one or two dances. It's probably no surprise that people have taught more than one thing as "Texas Two Step." So, I got out my books and wrote down a few things. The Texas Two Step actually includes three steps...
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    Dean Collins

    A "cat" throws his "chick" over the elbow. Dean Collins and Bertie Patters, who won the New York championship in Madison Square Garden, are shown in a contortion of their original "Times Square Rug Cutting Blues." They want the title at a giant swingfest to be held at the Los Angeles Memorial...
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    What to do about gender imbalance

    First let me say that I think it can be helpful to experience what it's like to be a follower. Having said that, Id like to comment on the historical precedent of boys learning from men Buenos Aires tango. Without checking sources, I feel (felt!) pretty confident in writing that there was a...
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    What to do about gender imbalance

    Regarding compliments... I've started to telling just about all of my partners. "that was good." This is especially so if they are a beginner, or have indicated that they "aren't that good," I was actually asking myself last week, who I had become. Then there was last night after I'd done as...
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    Thanks for recommending In Cahoots San Diego CA

    Danced with a woman from San Diego last night. She was more comfortable doing step together, step, (quick quick, slow) than what we do up here in Portland - quick quick slow, slow. He identified what she was comfortable with as "Texas Two Step." I have step sheets from here in Portland that call...
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    What to do about gender imbalance

    My first thought here was... If there aren't enough guys, why wouldn't you have a reduced price for men?Likewise, why not, have a reduced price for women if their aren't enough women? I believe this gets into the whole idea of "demand pricing," which gets fairly complicated, I guess, but it...
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    Temecula Stampede anyone?

    Found out that they are closed on Wednesday, which is when I'll be passing through there going from San Diego to Joshua Tree. Darn.