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    The Etiquette of Socials

    People learn from watching better dancers, and they love it!
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    Dance Shoes and Your Feet

    I am with KN. We dance for recreation and not as often as I would like! I don't have an arch problem, but do suffer some cramping the next day If I'm not careful. Hey, no pointing those toes! Pain immedietly.
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    What Should You Do Less Often?

    Spend so much time on the computer, I'd get more painting done. Ditto on the evening wine!
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    Hey all you GUESTS check this out

    Works for me, thanks!!
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    Hey all you GUESTS check this out

    OK, Im not a guest, exactly. I signed up last year, then forgot about it as life got busier, and I became more and more involved in my art forum.I'm here now, wanting to learn as much as possible about this dance world that I love so much. My hubby and I dance for passion and pleasure. We are...
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    How did you find/meet your dance partner(s)?

    After two years of marriage, I talked my hubby into dance classes. I have always loved to dance, heck we met at a dance, though not ballroom. But after getting him interested, we took classes for 10 monthes. Now, that doesn't sound like much condidering that ballroom is all or nothing. But we...
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    Dancing helps man once paralyzed back on his feet

    Such an inspiring story!! I think everyone who consisers themselves born with 2 left feet, should read this.