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    Dancing at home

    Hey All, I recently moved into an all carpeted apartment and don't have a good surface for me and the mrs to work on our moves. We'd like to work on our west coast swing so we don't need a whole lot of space. We were thing about buying something to put down on the carpet to dance on. I saw...
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    Foxtrot Basic Question

    I'm a relatively new foxtrot dancer Sagitta and am too trying to break into silver. Connection varies with different partners while you discover how to develop your universal lead. For some of the troublesome followers I find that transitioning between the two rhythms is easier by using the box...
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    A question of ethics??

    Doubtable but this teacher could be oblivious to the fact that s/he may be crossing the owner without knowing it. I think it really all depends on the relationship and contract that the teacher has with the studio. On the other hand I've found the dance community is very small and bad reps stick...
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    Syllabus Strict?

    Yeah I ended up taking out the silver moves they just made me feel uncomfortable. Thanks for all your help :)
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    Syllabus Strict?

    I'm new to competition and am still learning some of the rules. I have a bronze/newcomer latin routine from a fellow college dance mate. Some of the moves included in the routine appear to be silver level though. He told me not to worry about it but I'm curious how the community feels about it...
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    A lack of masculine competition attire in Latin ballroom?

    Can anyone recommend a place to pick out latin shirts online? Or is shopping online for a latin shirt a bad idea? Particular style recommend? :X I have a stttrrronnggg shaped hour glass figure. I'm heavier too muffin top moobs :| 5'10 190lbs