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    Latin jazz figure Ray Barretto dies Sad day for all who enjoy his music. One of the all time greats and one of my fav's.
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    How much alcohol can you handle?

    :cry: I've been married for 10 years (so I have no self image or confidence.) :lol: ! Just kidding - But to get back to the needing alcohol/help - you have to remember alcohol is a drug just like smoking or caffeine or any other nasty habit. You have to control it and be responsible...
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    How much alcohol can you handle?

    Hi all, I think a few drinks is ok (just enough to loosen up a bit.) I personally will anywhere from 8-10 drinks (mostly shots of rum or tequila) over a period of 3-4 hours ( I just get sabroso :cheers: :banana: ) but that's the limit. I'm a big guy (5'10 225)so don't think I get totally...
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    Sorry to have confused you if I did, but dessaix is right - merengue w/guitar/hiphop (merenbachata) - Just add a bachata guitar to the mix of a merengue music and there you go. For Merengue Rípiao add an accordion to the mix of the merengue music and there you go. They are basically...
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    I guess for me it all depends on how (tired)(buzzed) I am, while salsa might be my favorite dance , I don't think I would skip any bachata dancing (I don't mix salsa or merengue steps with bachata either - pecho a pecho cachete a cachete (chest to chest cheek to cheek L to R and R to L is how I...
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    When the music is too loud...

    Loud music is cool, (it must be in my blood!) 8) but only if it sounds good! Once it goes beyond distortion level or your ears start ringing its just too much. I think too much treble is a problem also, but I do enjoy heavy bass and drum beats in some of the salsa that is played (that really...
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    You've come sooooo far son

    WEPA! :!:
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    Cumbia and forro!?!!

    I help ya out there - the following are some of my fav's from cumbia Los Angeles Azules - Como te vo olvidar Los Angeles Azules - Mi Nina Mujer Los Angeles Azules - Pasito de Cumbia Los Angeles Azules - Cumbia Candelosa Los Angeles Azules - A La Cumbiamba Celso Pina - Cumbia Sobre El...
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    Have any of you guys noticed

    So true I have danced with older, younger, shorter, taller, fatter and skinnier women and you have to kind of test the waters before you go deep. Start with the basics, followed by medium and advanced type stuff - Leave em wanting more. Everyone is different in their own little way.
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    2004 Mayan competition - Semi-finals videos are up.

    Thanks for the notice, these are fun to watch - And the Music is top notch. It be nice to get a playlist together of the music these guys performed to. 8)
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    How do you deal with sleazy dancers?

    I'm kinda like younsta, I came from mostly hip-hop and the raving scene so it doesn't really shock me - I guess there is a limit to everything though..... :twisted:
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    First Salsa CD?

    Lol My wifes Uncle (A Boriqua), has over 3000 records, over 15,000 CD's, don't know how many cassettes - he's been collecting since the 60's (he's in his 60's now). It's all Latin Music (Salsa Music was his first love, but now he prefers bachata, and slower bolero music.) He's asked me to...
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    Foods & drinks associated with dance

    That's good stuff, but for a fairly inexpensive but smooth rum try Ron Matusalem Cuban rum 8) Or Brugal Dominican Rum - It's good stuff!
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    Your Strong and Weak Points?

    sbsalsera - Welcome Aboard! 8) You will find soon as I found there are lots of nice, knowledgable, warm people in this forum , so don't be shy! Live, Breathe, eat Salsa 24X7! Man I can't wait to finally relax, have a few drinks, and do some moves this weekend! *BTW gracias familia...
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    Salsa Clip of the Week

    Gracias Peach! That is how it is meant to be danced, style, smoothness and fluid movements. I'ts neat to see how everyone evolves after time and developes their own little style/flava and incorporate it to their steps. Just goes to show you no 2 salseros, salseras are the same. That Oscar...