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    Reasons for less traffic?

    1. Caustic attitudes toward discussing anything other than a specific small subset of Golden Age music/dance. 2. Anti-follower/leader-centric discussions. 3. Refusal to ban or moderate tango trolls. That just about covers the reasons I've heard from others who have left. (And mine...)
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    What do you wish you knew when you started dancing? A beginner's point of view...

    Hmm. I think my biggest blunder starting out was listening to tango bullies and staying away from practicas and milongas. A lot of the people who look like they know what they are doing actually don't. There's also a lot of Big Fish Small Pond syndrome in tango. I wish I had ignored the haters...
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    following or 'dancing the woman's role'?

    Not uncommon in my area, particularly in the college crowd. One of the teachers regularly teaches a "Leading Ladies" class. And those ladies that take that class, well, if they don't see a guy they want to dance with, they'll dance with their friends. Some will switch back and forth during the...
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    Web-site for WIDE Tango or Ballroom shoes?

    If it works for ya, awesome! I've been moving away from shoes with heels though. I like being closer to the ground. I've been doing the minimalist shoe thing in my everyday walking, and I think it's made my feet stronger.
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    Web-site for WIDE Tango or Ballroom shoes?

    I have wide feet. My current solution is to use black scotch tape on the bottom of a pair of comfortable normal shoes. The only really wide dance shoe I've found is the Aris Allen swing cap-toe dance shoe. They come in black and white...
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    A different way to teach tango

    Disagree. There are at least two ways to lead an echo, and possibly many variations. :)
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    A different way to teach tango

    I'm not sure that it's a good exercise to get people to scrunch a pattern down into 8 beats, particularly a beginner. I think the idea is just to get people to listen for musical phrases, which are often 2 measures long. My first teacher was pretty good at this. I'd be dancing along merrily...
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    Chicho has a new partner! (Tango Element 2013)

    For those who are wondering, I'm pretty sure the *ahem* lady in this video, "Margot", is Oliver Kolker. :D
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    Tango Element 2013

    ok. Second try! :D I did not overdo it this year like I usually do, so I had a pretty good time. Took a fair number of couples-only advanced classes. The format is better than your usual group class. Chicho and Juana's classes were great. They've been getting better at sharing challenging new...
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    Tango Element 2013

    BLARG. I posted a long reply but it got eaten! I will fill you in tomorrow. BAH.
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    Tango Element 2013

    ...anyone else there? I decided at the last minute to go. Anyone hitting the milongas? I think I might do Friday and/or Sunday.
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I am back baby! I've given up on running. Some things just were never meant to be. Maybe when I lose more weight... but I doubt it. So I'm trying this bodyweight strength training program I found on reddit. So far I've been doing it for three weeks and I'm already...
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    Style Vs Substance in Tango

    My view of connection has somewhat evolved over the years. Right now, I view it as simply how in sync you are with your partner. Connection has a lot of components: How in tune the both of you are to the music. How familiar you are with the music. How adept your embrace is to each other. (This...
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    Style Vs Substance in Tango

    To answer the OP: There is a huge difference between complicated tango movements and outright show tango. When performing, the goal is to create a certain visual appeal. You might over-point a leg, slightly sacrificing balance for a more perfect line for example. This is what I think of as...