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    Peabody Anybody??

    Thanks for sharing! There was actually some decent Peabody there from what I could see.
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    Dance Taboos

    Please link to the original article so the author can get credit and traffic. Kudos for giving credit, but a lot of time the authors rely on traffic on the original site for advertising or even just promotion. Here they are...
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    Are your routines typed or written?

    Here you go.
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    Back Spot Turn in American Viennese Waltz

    Is one measure of back spot turn permitted in bronze American Viennese waltz? I can't find anything that would disallow it in the NDCA rules, but spot turn combinations are listed as a silver element. That said, would one measure be a combination? Is it a grey area and if so how grey? Worth...
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    Competition Songgs

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    Competition Songgs

    Can anyone recommend good songs for competition practice? I have a good collection of two-step but I need the following: Country-western waltz Country-western cha cha Country-western east coast swing Country-western west coast swing Country-western polka Thank you!
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    Best New Songs

    Heard this awhile ago at the end of Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1) and loved it for WCS. Quite an intro but it's got a lot to play with.
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    Jive-Mooch-Alternative hold

    Note that if you're competing syllabus this is considered shadows position and will affect legality of the figure. At Mid-Atlantic (two?) years ago the Chair of Judges stopped an entire floor of youth dancers to give invigilation warnings and demonstration because so many of the kids were using...
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    What Should the Rules be for Same-Sex Couples in Mixed Couples Events

    I loved the dresses you wore at DCDI! I remember at Liberty a few years ago there was a male standard couple. The leader wore a traditional tail suit, while the follower wore a modified coat that was cut from blue velvet and had a single light blue crepe float from his right cuff to his...
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    What Should the Rules be for Same-Sex Couples in Mixed Couples Events

    I don't think it gives any particular advantage, but I do think it gives privilege. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced the best thing to do is take out gender entirely. Let people dance in whatever role or roles they wish. You'll get happier dancers, more women teachers will be...
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    What Should the Rules be for Same-Sex Couples in Mixed Couples Events

    I love same-sex competition and have enjoyed participating in same-sex comps in the past, and I'm glad same-sex couples can dance in collegiate comps (and USA Dance if I'm reading this right). That said, I don't want them to be able to switch leads partway through a dance as it gives same-sex...
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    What Considerations Go into Turning Pro

    I'm going to go off on a bit of a tangent but I promise it'll come back to your questions. There've been many "insider" books written about ballroom dance, from Ballroom Dancing is Not for Sissies to The Year of Dancing Dangerously. My personal favorite is Julia Ericksen's Dance With Me...
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    What Considerations Go into Turning Pro

    No it's not the financial stuff. The financial aspect was important, as I mentioned, but the driving goal was to work on bronze as an end in and of itself and not as a means to something else.
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    What Considerations Go into Turning Pro

    I never said that it couldn't, but that wasn't the topic at hand. The question was, "If you are a pro, why did you make the switch?" I shared my reasons.