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    Holland America does not have ballroom dancing

    As I wrote here several years ago, I have abandoned HAL and let them know. They do not care. We did have the highest loyalty level so its giving up a bit. There are rumors that "management" believes that ballroom dancers do not drink as much as others. On the other hand, when there was dancing...
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    Holland America seems to be deleting Ballroom Dancing

    We have been crusing for years on Holland America. They had DWTS and we went on each final cruise. It was always fun as HAL had good dancing along with the other cruise amenities. On this cruise on the Oosterdam, we found that several of the dance floors had been carpeted over and that ballroom...
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    Building Ballroom Playlists Pt 1: Laptop or Streaming?

    I put things on my laptop and use foobar as a player. I just build a directory (either in the DOS prompt or with Windows Explorer with nice names. I use Audacity to edit files if necessary. I like the laptop because I can connect to a Sony Boombox for a few hundred watts per channel if needed or...
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    Music censorship

    It's only "censorship" if the government does it. Studios can do as they please. "Drinking Rum and Coca Cola" "Never on Sunday" "Long Black Veil" "Just Walk on By" (Two cha-chas and two country songs.) Just to point out some other songs that have been criticized.
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    Do Dancing Couples Generate a Gravitational Pull???

    I watched two professional couples demonstrating International Style tango one time. It was one a very large dance floor. They had a collision. It was funny at the time.
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    America's ballroom challenge returning to PBS

    But how did they get Lawrence Welk as the floor announcer?
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    2016 USA Dance Nationals

    I was chairman for an international standards committee (computers, not dance) whose members didn't have lots of funding. We finally voted to hold meetings in Las Vegas because we could get hotel rooms reasonably and there were lots of flights at reasonable prices.
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    Dance songs from movies?

    Amado Mio from "Gilda" Orchids in the Moonlight from "Flying Down To Rio" Siboney from "Another Thin Man" Beautiful Maria of my Soul from "Mambo Kings" Lili from "Lili"
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    I guess it's break up time

    Sounds like the title of a country song.
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    When I grow-up, I want to dance like...

    I'll also pick Fred.
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    DWTS season 19

    I like Bethany and Janel and Alphonso for the finals, so far. Things can change each night though. (Test message; I've been unable to post for some months.) Problem solved. Cannot use RTF in preferences (didn't even know I had selected this.)
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    Pillars in the Studio

    Pillars are useful in some ways. They are like stationary dancers in a social dance setting. Another object to avoid hitting.