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    can't change my user name; help!

    I'm trying to change my user name from suek to balgalsue; *profile* won't accept the change. Any ideas? Wisdom from those who know? Anything?
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    I've gotta say it again. In my experience, the more experienced bal leads *do not* start w/a rock step. They can, they might--occasionally--but the default is a closed position lead back (the follow going forward) right into a basic. When I lead I think Step Step Hold Step Step Step Hold (when...
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    Trip Dip

    I get trip-dipped, or (a variation) sweep-dipped fairly often. When I'm *on* with my following and my frame, it works a treat. When I'm not, sucks. Basically.
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    The move *should* be done leading the follow forward as your basic, but even some of the bal rock stars use a rock step now and then. Never as the default basic, though. Fact is the rock step is easier, because leading the follow forward demands the bal connection from the jump. I lead bal as...
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    I see/feel/follow this a little differently. Most often (but not always) the holds are on the 3 and 7. Your count here has them on the 2 and 6. It doesn't matter to the follow, however; the holds are completely determined by the leader. Also, whether the first step is a rock step or a step...
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    Hey Salsaonone: check out You will find what you need. Have fun!
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    Help ID a swing song

    also Fletcher Henderson on Ken Burns Jazz: The Definitive Fletcher Henderson; an excellent version
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    gene kelly break dancing
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    Blues Dancing vs. Blues Music

    I don't know specifics, but my casual observation shows that there is a wider age range in the blues scene (AND balboa for that matter) than in LH. I can think of at least three other women besides my ancient self in their 30s and up at last year's Cheap Thrillz.
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    Blues Dancing vs. Blues Music

    Vince you completely underestimate me: It's Clapton, and I think they're all on the Me and Mr. Johnson CD, an incredible album.
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    Blues Dancing vs. Blues Music

    Slow does not define the universe of blues Blues includes music at a variety of tempos, from 50bpm up to 140, 150, even faster Here's a list, a good start: Cigarettes and Coffee, Otis Redding, 55bpm Just Won't Burn, Susan Tedeschi, 55bpm Baby Get Lost, Billie Holiday, 80 bpm Tobacco...
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    my first art show; please come if you're around Sacramento

    the show went well. Didn't sell anything, which leaves me plenty of beautiful planters to give as gifts. And I took the risk, put myself out there with my art. I am so glad I did this. Happiest of holidays everyone! The solstice has come and the light is returning.
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    Spinning Help

    Spins: turning on one foot in place Turns: stepping in rhythm circularly, maintaining direction previously established (hopefully your leads will indicate direction first, then the turn) Important distinctions Now, I'll share the spins and turns aspects of the homework assignment given me...
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    US Open San Jose hotel room for sale Thursday nite

    Have pricelined 1nite (Thurs) in SJ for the Open and now can't use it. $60 at the Marriott (.4 mi from the dance). PM me if you can use it!