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    Are there any Blues dancers around here?

    So, the regular blues dance in NY is on Fridays? I'm moving there in a week and a half, and I haven't looked up when or where the local dances are, yet. Their facebook group has a handful of photos; I'm surprised to see that their regular blues dance seems to have the same level of attendance as...
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    Ballroom WCS versus non-Ballroom

    Oh, interesting; people have been doing it about as long as I've been alive. The vast majority of the people I hear complaining about it are much older than me, but, they too, have only ever danced in an environment with pop. I figured they were upset because music tastes changed from blues to...
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    Ballroom WCS versus non-Ballroom

    I wonder if we'll start hearing complaints about having to do WCS to dubstep soon. I haven't been dancing for that long, but I'm told that top 40 music caught on in WCS after Jordan & Tat and Kyle & Sarah started doing routines to pop music (and winning), more than a decade ago. This year, at...
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    practice WCS

    I agree with Steve, although my reasons are different. In chess, there's a sound theoretical reason for believing that, from every position, there's a best move (or possibly a set of best moves). Grandmasters are more likely to play that best move than you, so you should really think about why...
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    Forceful Lead???

    Sorry for reviving an ancient thread, but what does it mean to move from your inner thighs? How does that differ from normal movement? I've been trying to figure out what I can do to move more smoothly, and this thread caught my eye, since Jason Colacino is mentioned, he had the smoothest wcs...
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    Online Swing Radio Stations?

    This board doesn't seem to let me post direct links; let me apologize in advance for the indirect directions. The "west coast swing" room on often has people playing wcs music. People are usually there during the day on weekdays. If you search for 'wcs' on grooveshark or...
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    Are there any Blues dancers around here?

    Blues doesn't have to be slow. Around here (in Texas), live blues music is fast, so people are used to doing fast blues. Skip to about 1:00 if you want to get straight to the dancing.
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    Richard Powers' Thoughts, Philosophies and Musings on Social Dance

    I haven't had any experience with Powers, but one of his protégés (lets call her C) teaches at the local southern U, and she seems to be doing the same thing he does: get people out dancing. I've talked to competitive country folks who were around before C started teaching. The country bars...
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    Taking the lead: So you think you can challenge gender roles in dance?

    I follow more than most guys (10%-20% of the time, I'd guess). Folks in younger scenes (like blues or lindy) don't think anything of it (although it's more common to see women leading than men following), and folks in older scenes where the median dancer is past retirement age (like the local...
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    WCS Scene Getting Younger?

    Another Austinite! Hi! If you do west coast or blues, I've surely met you at some point. Unfortunately, I don't think the trend has continued since you made your post. I've managed to convince some (younger) blues dancers to try the main west coast venue, but most common thing I've heard...