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    Sprucing up my Standard gown - sewing questions!

    I have one half of a snap left to sew on, and then my dress revamp is complete! Super excited, pics soon.
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    Credit card or cash for a comp?
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    Sprucing up my Standard gown - sewing questions!

    Thinking of changing my floats to attach to wristbands rather than gauntlets. How wide do people make them? Elastic, rigilene, or something else entirely?
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    Competition Makeup

    Revlon precision glue is nice, but is hard to find. I like DUO, and recently found a brush-on version similar to the Revlon that works well. I don't like Ardell glue -- it makes my eyes burn. Also use the cheap Ardell lashes on sale from Sally, although I have a set of rhinestoned lashes from...
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    Sprucing up my Standard gown - sewing questions!

    Gorgeous!! Where did you get your satin trim?
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    Sprucing up my Standard gown - sewing questions!

    So... eliminate the halter neck entirely and do a criss-cross back instead? I still have the straps from the bra I sacrificed for the cause...
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    Sprucing up my Standard gown - sewing questions!

    I'm about to start upgrading my very basic Standard gown, and would like to address a few structural issues first. I've installed a bra in place of the cups it came with, and am making a new strap for the back. Current question: It has a halter-type neckline with a hook and bar closure at the...
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    Corollary question (and I do understand that progress depends on many factors): Do am-am dancers progress through syllabus faster than pro-am, as far as placing decently in competition? It would appear so, but my experience is that it is easier to know what's my own fault in pro-am.
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    funniest thing a coach has ever said about your dancing

    "That was your first outside partner step I've actually liked!"
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    yesterday's activities

    Fri: Drive 4 hours, 4 lessons with lunch break in the middle, drive almost 5 hours home. Quick change then off to a fundraiser for local foundation that helps families of chronically ill kids. Sat: Cleaned my poor neglected house, rehearsal for upcoming performance, inlaws over for dinner and...
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    Any books/series that you just read over and over?

    I usually re-read Lord of the Rings, Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and Harry Potter every year.
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    What are the dangers of learning patterns?

    Patterns are the common language. Two beginners who are individually "reinventing" the dance are less likely to have a successful social dance than two beginners who both know a handful of patterns from the beginner group class. Technique is more important than the number of patterns one knows...
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    pre-competition disorder

    This is exactly my problem; all of a sudden I'm trying to do everything my brain knows all at once, instead of dancing what my body knows and focussing on one thing. I'm looking at the messy lesson as an opportunity to fix the precomp panic long-term, rather than going with my inclination...
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    pre-competition disorder

    Prior to every comp I have a lesson where I just can't do anything right. I was a complete mess yesterday afternoon, after really great morning lessons. Thank goodness I'll see pro another time before OSB!
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    Tips for a couple with a huge height difference

    There was a fun J&J at a showcase here several years ago with various twists on each dance. My youngest daughter was 8 years old at the time, and drew a 6'7" partner. Their ladies lead American Rumba was fantastic, including underarm turns; she stretched like crazy, he lowered almost to the...