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    Minimum moves to lindy hop?

    In lindy, for me, a good rest is extending your 8 counts and doing some syncopations, sugar pushes, and passes. I agree with you on the charleston as well. If you have knowledge of ECS, then that can provide a few moments of rest. Bal and Shag as well provide rest and non-spinning movement.
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    Frankie Manning turns 90!!!

    June 26th - Frankie Manning's 90th birthday party Swing Dance Celebration! With the Historical Harlem Renaissance Orchestra! At the beautiful Alhambra Ballroom, 2116 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd at 126th street. "To the legendary Lindy Hopper, inventor of the "Airstep", and many other swing...
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    Studying more swing stuff

    I too call it Hand-to-Hand Charleston.
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    How much do you think while dancing?

    I totally agree with you dr daffy. When I'm leading I do think a little more, but if I stop thinking and just let the music take over my lead then it really starts to get fun because I make up my own stuff (not always turning out great, lol) but even the crazy mistakes get a good laugh. :D
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    Swing dance theme nights

    There's a monthly dance here that often has themed dances with discount admission. In the past we've had Hawaiian, black and white, polka dots, vintage, pajama, and lots of others I can't think of at the moment.
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    Swing without a partner

    charleston is something that can be done individually or with a partner
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    Swing Exchanges

    When in October is your exchange Jenn?
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    Swing Exchanges

    We just had the first CT Lindy Exchange 2 weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. I got to dance with people from all over the country. I think there is something so magical about this dance. You can meet someone for the first time and share an experience of dancing. You can dance with this person...
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    I took a great bal workshop this year which taught different ways to get in and out of it and how to incorporate it into your lindy. It was nice because previously I had only done some basic bal which I found difficult at times to pick up the lead with different people. Now I can get the lead...
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    I just woke up from a dream where I was trying desparately to pre-register for the Beantown Lindy Hop Camp and this guy working there who looked like Rico Suave told me he couldn't help me because he really worked for "60 Minutes". Now that's bizarre. :?
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    I once dreamt that I could do infinite spins on the dancefloor like a figure skater. The next day I tried to spin like I had in the dream and amazingly enough I could spin more...not infinitely but definitely 2 more revolutions than I did previously. I often dream about running (I like to...
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    Confession Time

    I didn't go to work today because I wanted to watch over my Kitty. (Just got him back from the emergency vet's office from the weekend.) I feel guilty about it, but he's more important to me than my job.
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    DF Reunion East

    Before deciding, what kind of dance event are we going to? It sounds like we have a lot of ballroom and latin dancers here. But I'd just like to mention that there is a weeklong, or weekend dance camp happening in RI. It goes on every year and I'm planning on going for the weekend. It's the...
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    The Rhythm Rousers

    Hey SD. Here's that link I promised you. It's still under construction. We hope to have some links hooked up to it soon. Right now it's just a start.