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    What Age?!?!?!?!?

    I didn't start until my mid fifties - so no one can ever say they are too old. Didn't start with it, my really love west coast now.
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    Favorite things about the Summer

    Beautiful picture, Medira, I like sandals, root beer floats, working in the garden, dancing outside at summer concerts, the grandkids playing outside, blts.
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    Running club anyone?

    I just bought my dh a Timex Ironman watch for his birthday. It has a speed and distance system so we can figure out how much slower we are running as we are getting older! My son has one and says it works great -- although he is 30 and not worried about getting slower yet.
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    aargh - smiling to a sad song

    I am not a very confident salsa dancer and talk like this (since I understand NO Spanish at all) will just make me even more self-conscious!
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    What's with the little colored squares?

    Some of us can hardly remember high school!!! It has been a long time.
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    Ten things you never thought you'd do (but have):

    Sooooooo busy here at work and that makes summer go way too fast!!!
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    Ten things you never thought you'd do (but have):

    Good one to make me think 1. Dance 2. Be the first one out on the dance floor. 3. Hang out at a bar all evening if they have a dance floor. 4. Dance at outdoor concerts where 5000 folks are watching. 5. Look forward to my high school reunion and to weddings just to dance. 6. Make so...
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    Running club anyone?

    Took the 2 year old granddaughter running again yesterday. We have had the one year old grandson out a couple of times this spring too. The 14 year old granddaughter just announced she was going out for cross country again this fall and the 14 year old grandson just finished up his track...
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    WCS Amazement

    I have to agree it was the music. I first took lessons from someone who danced a lot of CW. Not too interested. But the first time she put on something bluesy, my attitude about the dance changed. And I still think it is the most versatile dance. Just about where ever you go, they will play...
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    Summer Reading

    Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. A strange story.
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    10 Tips for Improving WCS -- Fast

    I know, I should be please that he only wants to dance with me...that is a lot better than wanting to dance with everyone else instead of me! I just think he would get a little more confident (maybe he doesn't have the confidence since I don't tell him how well he is doing often enough) or...
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    10 Tips for Improving WCS -- Fast

    Our instructor even has had other ladies ask him and he will dance with them but then never ask them back. And it always pleases me how good he looks when he dances with someone else.
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    Running club anyone?

    It is really hard for me to go from nice spring weather to the first really hot day of the season. Tuesday it was in the upper 80s and awfully humid for May and it was a tough run. I am going out of town for five days so that means morning runs when it will be cooler.
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    Running club anyone?

    Good for everyone who tries. Once it becomes a habit, or more like an addiction, you will find that you cannot miss more than a day or two in a row without real pangs. Kind of like some of you and dancing. It is just something you have to do. My son ran a marathon in Green Bay on Sunday...
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    So ... how was your dance weekend?

    Sometimes those small crowds are great. You have plenty or room to dance (west coast swing can take up a lot of space if you have it!)