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    the (financial) cost of 10-dance

    We do 20 dances with 1 private lesson per week period. But at any given comp, we might only do 7 of them. 3 for standard (W, F, Q) and 4 for New Vogue (it's an australian thing). But there are 5 standard dances and 15 new vogue dances we eventually have to do. Surely we are not the fastest...
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    The Aussie dancer's thread

    The floor boards do not go in line with the shaped of the floor. ie. they do not go straight down the floor, but in diagonal. Maybe that's just the way they place the chairs? Also the floor is very fast! Did I say VERY FAST? YES!
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    Tailsuit collar, standup or inclined?

    Hi all, I heard about the two different types of collar cuts on men's tailsuits. The first one being the "standup" cut, the second being the "inclined" cut. Could someone please explain to me what are the differences between the two cuts, especially look wise. A photo illustartion would be...
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    The Aussie dancer's thread

    I do. =)
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    How tight should the tailsuit fit?

    I got my tails a year ago, and since then I've put on more than 10kg. Now my tails are getting really tight. Time to get new one? How tight/loose should a tailsuit fit if it's fitted correctly? P.S When you are 20 years old, your body changes quite a lot in a years time. I just took...
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    Tangoette Arm Styling

    When we dance our Tangoette, we try to think soft and subtle, then BANG! But our La Bomba, we think Paso the whole time. Paso arm, paso shape....we even practise it to Paso music!
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    The Aussie dancer's thread

    Yes us bloody Victorians =P But can't blame me cause I wasn't there! LoL That's still an awesome result! Both you and your partner look gorgeous! Who won adult level 2 standard and new vogue? I'm dying to find out! :D
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    stretchy modern shirt

    I was going to get one of them, but they feel like girl bathers with the thing underneath that goes around your crotch. I didn't like that bit!
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    More New Vogue

    Ops...I totally forgot I had this thread. Hehe Thanks guys! I got no idea how many times we've done the SwingWaltz...let me tell you, it's far more than 50 times!
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    The Aussie dancer's thread

    Who won the adult level 2 Standard and New Vogue?
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    The Aussie dancer's thread

    That's fantastic result for your first competition! Wow you entered a lot of events. 3 points (or 6) in the pocket! Well on your way to level 2. :D
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    The Aussie dancer's thread

    We're level 2 and still working on it! I can just picture us in another few years time and level 4 or 5 and still working on the same thing. LoL
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    The Aussie dancer's thread

    No holiday for me =(
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    The Aussie dancer's thread

    P.S Our goal is to reach the final of level 3 new vogue. Which I think is in the evening program. I've never danced in the evening program at any comp yet!