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    Richard Powers' Thoughts, Philosophies and Musings on Social Dance

    My friend came across a series of articles by Richard Powers (kudos to her!), who is a dance historian, and after reading them, I figure the site is definitely worth sharing. :) Articles worth reading are: Dancing Makes You Smarter Sketchy Guys (I honestly feel that they should really...
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    Song ID Thread

    There are so many versions of this song though. I know one of them is called Latin Lover sung by Lemon. Is it this one?
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    Guys -- It's a ballroom social. What to wear?

    It would really depend. I have a friend who goes in a long sleeve cotton top and changes every other hour. Too much sweat is eww. Even t-shirts that allow sweat to evaporate sooner is good. Trendy close fit jeans are good too, but nothing that makes you look like your pants are about to drop any...
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    Would like to ID this song please. Riccardo and Yulia danced this samba (in this outfit) in Hong Kong for The Galaxy of Stars 2011 show. It was fantastic! I cannot post direct links (since my number of posts isn't enough >.<), but here we go!
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    Tango Shoes & Salsa Shoes

    Oho boy...the spikes must have hurt. But tell me, as a ballroom dancer, I'd like to know what the difference is between the ballroom pump and a tango shoe. I swore to myself to wear my ballrooms instead of my latins because the last time I did Argentine Tango in my latins, I got stomped on by...
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    Dancing in Shanghai

    Hi! Does anybody know anywhere I can actually dance Ballroom and Latin in Shanghai? I'm under the impression that a lot of people do it, but either I'm in the wrong city or I'm not looking in the right direction.
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    UK universities with good dancing?

    I don't advise York (where I'm at right now finishing off). I feel like I've gone to the wrong uni for dancing (bureaucracy and campus politics play a major role for this sort of thing). But hey, I've now got a terrific dance partner and got to bring a (painfully tiny) team to a few comps the...
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    Ankle Strength

    Ah...right...hopefully these exercises will help improve the technique further, especially after spending a couple of hours in Matthew Cutler's (!) workshop. I understand that it takes some time for the whole thing to work, but hey, it's coming along!
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    Ankle Strength

    I'm curious about the technical side of ankles though - is it something to do with the ability to control the rise and fall in ballroom (standard) and things like swivels in latin? Anyway, sounds like something for me to work on in the meantime before hitting Blackpool (next Saturday), thanks...
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    Ankle Strength

    I've done a latin medal test last year, and one of the comments was the need to "strengthen my ankles". How does one do that? Recently, even my my ballroom, somebody commented that I should "use my ankles more". Has anybody got any insights on this area of technique?
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    Finding a partner...

    It took me about 2 years before I'm now settled with a "proper" partner. I know, it seemed like a long time, but it was rather difficult for me to get one either because of my abilities, height (I'm kinda on the smaller side) or because of the availability issue. I suggest finding somebody who's...
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    Partner Comapatibility:The X Factor

    The X-Factor is definitely out there, but looking for it is even harder than finding a boyfriend/girlfriend. You know those experiences when you're dancing with somebody with whom you could click with on the floor? I thought that was pretty amazing because I feel that my dancing's been enhanced...
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    Eye Makeup

    I'm not sure if it's commented in this thread (or any where else), but my eye make up tends to run by the end of the day, making me look like a panda! (I always feel devastated when I check the mirror by then because I feel that I've just made a fool of myself by looking like that and not...
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    We Are All Dancing Fools!

    It rocks to be a dancing fool! Been learning belly and social jive (60s style) lately, thought the latter looked ridiculous at first (well, you look like you're pulling ropes or something!) but turned out to be fun.
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    Ivdc/nudc 2007

    Just wondering if there are anybody going from this forum to this year's NUDC (Leeds) and IVDC (Blackpool) in the UK...