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    your favorite dance movies

    Stormy Weather (at the very end).
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    Men who "can't" - i.e. won't even try to - dance.

    You are exactly right. Here in America dancing is not considered a masculine pursuit. I teach Hungarian and Transylvanian folkdances and over there they have no shortage of guys that want to dance. Every high school in Budapest fields a dance troop and the guys who can do the men's solo dances...
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    Men who "can't" - i.e. won't even try to - dance.

    Let me second (third) this scenario. I only started dancing to meet women. Forty years later I'm still dancing and teaching dance classes...
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    How do you improvise a routine?

    A lot of the music we dance to (not ballroom) has 4 or 6 count phrases, often combined in the same song. We also have figures that use different numbers of counts, so you have to know (or a least sense) how many counts are left in the phrase and pick an appropriate figures or combination of figures.
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    How do you improvise a routine?

    Although it requires familiarity with the music, my goal is to end a figure at the end of the musical phrase (or the end of a verse in the song) as often as possible.
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    A Newbie's Guide to Dance Forums

    ...that also includes Salsa, Swing, Tango, and Country Western forums.
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    You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

    Since it was a "guy" leaving the floor telling "her" partner, was this person leading or following?
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    Looking for a music title... please

    Obviously European, but way too fast for a polka.
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    Son of So---How Was Your Dance Weekend?

    Do you mean hot thermally or hot sexy?
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    Is this a sales pitch or slightly genuine?

    I'd be more worried about tripping on the net.
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    Is social dancing really social? (young student)

    Yes, but they are evolving very gradually and if you used one of these new figures with a new partner at a social dance would she have any idea what to do?
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    Is social dancing really social? (young student)

    Cloggers have lots of friends (I love Appalacian big circle dancing). Seriously though, this thread have evolved into an oft-repeated discussion about the economics of dancing as a hobby. While it is clear that higher level studio based training can be very expensive many alternatives for the...
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    Is social dancing really social? (young student)

    I completely agree with the points made here, especially by snapdancer and twnkltoz, but would like to clear up a few generalizations. There are many countries in the WORLD where partner dances are very social and embraced by young people. Here in the US some forms are very "social", Lindy and...
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    Beginning Dancers' Frequently Asked Questions

    I realize that most of the DF folks are into hiring pros for private lessons, entering competitions, and filing for personal bankruptcy, but JoeB represents a huge demographic. There are lots of folks that just want to be confident enough to enjoy themselves social dancing. It may not be good...
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    People who attend a trial class and exit within 5 mins

    I've seen this happen in couple dance classes as well, although it's usually more than 5 minutes. Some people decide very quickly that the material is way too hard for them and feel really self conscious just being there.