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    How long to wait before asking follower again?

    Invite her the next time she gives you mirada. I use cabeceo to invite, which means that only the women who use mirada to signal that they want to dance with me are among those that I will invite. When I've visited your area to dance (Washington DC & Baltimore) mirada/cabeceo worked.
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    What to do about gender imbalance

    Early in my tango journey I was fortunate, after a few unfortunate mistakes, to find a school where the teachers insisted on teaching tango the way they learned it. Meaning men had to learn to follow. Not that they had to be able to dance a whole tanda in what they called "the women's role"...
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    Books for Tango

    Just finished this new one: "Tango Intoxication" - Batt Johnson Author's reading
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    Recommended teaching videos?

    Although I haven't signed up for lessons from the other 2 couples, one of the other couples teaching on is Ivan Terrazas & Sara Grdan. I have taken face to face classes with them in which Sara does provide detailed information for followers speaking English. I would guess she also...
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    Recommended teaching videos?

    With caveats about the need to learn from a qualified face to face instructor, these may serve as supplements, though they are not for beginners only: Book & DVD. Melina Sedó and Detlef Engel A la carte lessons Sebastián...
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    Argentine Tango competitions

    Magdalena & German are the champs, how was the competition? Here are some of the dancers. Finals round 1: Some have said that the dancers of the salon style (tango de pista) in the Mundial dance an artificial style unseen in the milongas, because they are "dancing for the judges." I see this...
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    Argentine Tango competitions

    2017 World Tango Championship: Dancefloor - Tango de Pista 2017 World Tango Championship: Stage - Tango de Escenario
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    Online tango radios

    Bumped up this old thread now that streaming music is so widespread. Which Argentine tango streams are you listening or subscribing to? On my phone I'm currently listening to Spotify: 5am en el salon canning by Ney Melo and tanda of the week by dj anttiveikko On my computer I sometimes listen...
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    Live music - not tango

    p.s. Yes, that is the milonguero "El Flaco Dani" Daniel Garcia among the dancers. He can be seen clearly for about the 1st 40 seconds of the vid.
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    Live music - not tango

    In New York City we have a few groups that play tango, one that recently formed is: The Aces of Rhythm The play in the spirit of the Juan D'Arienzo Orchestra another is the Astoria Tango Club Orchestra Maybe you can talk to your milonga organizers about bringing them to your area. More...
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    Song Title Identification Thread

    Do you know the orchestra & title?
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    Not touchy feely

    not by a long shot. seen on a NYC subway: evidently a marketing department thinks there is a demographic. p.s. I know TD was not this extreme, and has come a long way, but the ad reminded me of this thread:)
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    Close Embrace Tango Teachers

    I did not post the video as an example of close embrace dancing. I posted it as an illustration of Pablo & Eva's style of dancing in a performance. From what I've seen of their social dancing, with each other & with other partners, the video shows their dancing in a performance. I posted it in...
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    Song Title Identification Thread

    @ Andreas Wichter - thanks for the verification of the singer & many thanks for link to the vid - it's added to my Favorites. @ opendoor thanks for the additional info.