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    Fausto Carpino - Stéphanie Fesneau

    Dancing to a milonga :
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    new Noelia & Carlitos vid

    I agree that they're one of the most interesting couple at the moment. There are some pretty cool Noelia + Gaston videos out there as well. Noelia + random-dude-picked-in-the-street would probably be wonderful too. Concerning this video, the milonga is exceptional, thanks a lot for posting it.
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    I like leading colgadas, I like the feeling it gives me, even small ones. It is also an interesting thing for anyone to practice, I think, as it is necessary to forget about the sternum for a while and focus on the back :)
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    What about your cohort?

    Nice vid. You should post a video of yourself as well :) I know I keep an eye on people who started at the same time I did, especially as they start making (or trying to make) a living of tango. For instance Jean-Michel and Eve :
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    Thanks for that link :)
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    Colgadas AcceptingLovingSharing Gentle" posture

    Hey, I attended that class! :) They have a very unique way to approach colgadas, it was a really good class (the other ones weren't that great unfortunately).
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    Nice voleos

    I hope you'll enjoy this one as much as I did :
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    Ariadna & Fernando

    Pretty cool video of them dancing Don Juan :
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    Silly Beyond Words

    It reminded me of
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    One of Pablo and Noelia's last performances together :(

    Gotta love this :) Using the same kind of logic, you could probably demonstrate that Pablo is an awesome dance (since he doesn't wear a hat, and as it has been remarked, balding dancers tend to be good dancers). Anyways, back to the video : I find it absolutely awesome. More than the...
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    Alper Ergokmen and Selen Surek

    I've seen those guys in Istanbul during the festival and was quite impressed (I missed their performances unfortunately). Hopefully some of you will like it as well : tggd
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    Tango in Moscow

    Hi, Has anyone been / does anyone live in Moscow and could recommend milongas there? Thanks, tggd
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    Tango del Centro and Tango de Salon

    The video was deleted :/
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    Özgür Demir and Marina Marques

    I would have thought dancing on Yann Tiersen would be a bad idea but I think they really make it work : tggd
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    Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic - Smooth Criminal (not tango but it's faboluous) :D

    I came across this video from James Hill : it reminded me of that video :)