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    Tango or milonga?

    Let me (us) know how it works out for you.. I had an experimental period, years ago, where I attempted to dance to almost any type of music. My belief was that the music drives the emotions which drives the dance. Surprisingly, I found there is a wide range of music to which I can dance tango...
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    Tango or milonga?

    First of all, thanks! But...I don't consider Gotan or any of the other electro-tango-fusion bands to be tango/milonga music. I know they are popular and a great number of tango dancers dance to this music, yet there is nothing that makes this music tango. For a start, and at the simplest level...
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    Tango or milonga?

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    Tango or milonga?

    I consider Piazzolla to be the pinnacle of tango as music. His use of the musical elements of tango/milonga is masterful, highly creative and highly artistic. I could - and have done - listen to him for hours at a time. I've only danced to him once and that was at home. If curious, for that...
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    Tango or milonga?

    Milonga del Angel (MDA) is mostly a milonga in name only. A musical style uses musical elements in specific and common ways. This "milonga" lacks many of those typical for milonga. In fact it completely reverses them. Examples: One of the most defining musical elements of a style is tempo, and...
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    Ana Vidovic (classical guitar) plays four pieces Astor Piazzolla

    I play these too. Alas, not like her. Ana has extraordinary technique and musicianship.
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    Javier Rodriguez and Carla Rossi

    Sorry LadyLeader, but I agree with UKDancer. The movements are not in tune with the music and are rather generic and flat, lacking musical sensitivity.
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    Come as couple - but lady gets no dances

    Elmer is a very good DJ. I'm surprised it wasn't packed, unless you got there early and left early. It's always been crowded when I've been there, a couple of hours into the milonga. One thing I like about this venue is the separate self-contained floor space where people can practice; it's a...
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    Come as couple - but lady gets no dances

    That milonga is the oldest one in Vancouver - been running weekly for 20 or so years. (Commercial Drive is an artsy neighbourhood). I've been to that milonga many times, but it's not my favorite Vancouver milonga. What did you think of the level of dancing? And the DJ. There are a few, and one...
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    Come as couple - but lady gets no dances

    Which milonga did the two of you attend?
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    Playing Bandoneon

    Every now and then I think I'd like to learn the bandoneon, but sadly I don't have the required hour or two available every day to practice, and that is what it takes to learn any instrument and make progress. The buttons are indeed rather random and I'd suggest learning to play scales and...
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    Inconsistencies in Posture

    And that's the nature of this forum. Words alone cannot fully or accurately convey what we mean. No matter one's writing skills everything posted seems open to misinterpretation. At least we have more than 140 characters. Anyway, Gssh, I agree, but an explanation what one means by these terms...
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    Ladies preference: Hard-bod or dad-bod?

    I'm not a milonguero viejo but I do have a belly, so you wouldn't have to pay me to dance with you.
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    Open Embrace is an Oxymoron and Tango-fusion is Gibberish

    Well the difference is that I understand and play many forms of Jazz. It's complicated and multi-layered music. Electrotango is not, and the fact I know that invalidates the point you are trying to make.