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    Where to dance salsa in Turin, Italy?

    Does anyone know of any regular salsa venues in Turin, Italy? I'll be there for 3 days on business, and would be great to know about places to dance in the evening.
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    Salsa in Milan

    I will be in Milan from July 28 to 30. Does anyone know the best places to go out for salsa dancing on a friday night and the schedule? Overall, what is the salsa scene there like? Is it friendly? Do people dance predominantly a particular style (i.e, on1, on2 or Cuban?). Many thanks.
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    African dances in London

    Thanks! I'll bring some CD's so you can listen to this sort of thing. It's addicting for us, so I have this secret hope that you and other salsero(a)s might become hooked as well :lol: I guess my packing will be sort of a last minute thing, lol... I'm trying to enjoy the rest of my...
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    African dances in London

    Does anyone know if there are any African dance venues in London? Particularly dances from African countries where Portuguese is the official language (Cape Verde, Angola, etc...) - kizomba, funáná, morna, coladera, etc... We often dance this sort of thing in salsa venues, since they play it...
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    In London: What now?

    I'm arriving in London next week to work for a year (at least, we'll see). is anyone from DF there at the moment, or in other words, will be around during August? Would be great to meet up and dance a little! And by the way, anybody knows which venues will be active during the week and weekend...
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    Dancing with two followers simultaneously

    I've see advanced dancers and teachers dancing with two followers at the same time. Is this something you just pick up easily, or is it something which needs to be taught? Thanks.
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    Having different teachers in the same salsa school

    I think most will agree that it is beneficial to have different teachers from different schools, who will tend to complement each other. What do you think about having instead two different teachers (or couples of teachers) from the same school?
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    Moving to London

    Thanks Pacion! I'm going to work 2 minutes from SOS! :lol: on2 is really growing strong! So, do Leon and Tamambo hold separate parties for on1 and on2, or are both styles now mixed in the same parties? Do they have on2 classes as well now? Is it common in London now for a man to ask a woman...
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    Moving to London

    Hi, I'm moving to London in the summer, as I got a job there. Hope to meet you DF London salseros soon! I lived a few months there last year, and I used to go to Susana Montero and Super Mario's classes in Earl's Court ("My Place") and Bar Salsa in Charing Cross Road, as well as the SOS classes...
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    What time does your salsa club open?

    The clubs and weekly monthly parties start at 22h30-23h00, but people will only start dancing at midnight. The rush hour is between 24h-2am, which is why I don't have a chance to go out during the week. It's too late I think, but that's how it works here! Tiago
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    Annual Salsa Congresses & Events

    The Murcia congress website is cheers, Tiago
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    Salsa in Europe

    My teachers, Nuno and Vanda, are (don't know if to perform and/or to give workshops).
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    Do you prefer live or memorex?

    Oh absolutely! Too bad that live bands are the exception rather than the rule!
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    Salsa in Europe

    Thanks salsera alemana! I don't know when I will have a chance to fly out to Germany, but I know that at least it is cheaper for me to go to Germany than to neighbouring Spain! There are so many low-cost connections to Germany from here, and to Spain none! There is a group from Lisbon which is...
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    People who have the most influence on your dancing

    Hi Tânia, great to see you around! :D cheers, Tiago