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    Searching and Merging Threads

    That was my fault.
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    does beat define dance?

    I'm reminded of this part in the video where it is silent:
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    What is Blues Dancing?

    A conversation with my friend's wedding dance choreographer inspired me to peek in on a blues dance in my area. I enjoyed it from a musicality perspective. It seems a lot to me like bachata and argentine tango in that the basic unit (if there is one?) is very simple, which opens up a lot more...
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    What to do with dance partner's performance issues

    I think it's normal for most people to do worse at competition than in the carefully controlled laboratory environment of the practice floor. I've been as bad as competing at maybe 30% of what I can do in my best practices. Rounds have helped a lot to raise that comp percentage. Especially...
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    Son of So---How Was Your Dance Weekend?

    If I'm ever in your area, I will definitely hunt you down to lead me.
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    Dumb question

    Agreed. Melissa's dress in the video is fairly form-fitting, so it has a similar effect as pants in showing off the leg lines/actions. I don't think a long, flowing dress would have looked as good.
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    Whining Thread #2

    Cardinal Classic is in mid/late April. :)
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    2015 World Standard Formation Championship

    Ludwigsburg, November 28
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    Son of So---How Was Your Dance Weekend?

    Stayed at my cousin's in Manhattan and while walking around, decided to stop by Ballroom Off Fifth and then Manhattan Ballroom. I thought space in Silicon Valley was expensive... I will no longer complain about inadequate short walls, here in California...
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    Grand Opening - Starlite Ballroom, San Jose, CA

    According to: The Oct. 10 grand opening is at 7pm...
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    Beginning Dancers' Frequently Asked Questions

    Spammer has been banned. Post has been left up so the rest of us can dream about a world in which people would pay to watch us dance.
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    How are your practices going?

    On your own. For now. :) When I repeatedly see someone practicing on their own, I file it away. Later, when I run into someone who's looking for a partner and asks me if I know any good prospects...
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    Best Social Partnership Dance For Modern Music