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    Tao of Tango

    Tao of Tango book club Not sure if you guys heard about it but TangoBaby has started a Tao of Tango book Club. Sessions with author Johanna Siegmann will commence in November. Great book! Should be interesting!
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    You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

    When you have a blog!
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    How rare are good dancers?

    A lot more awful than decent, occasionally good and seldomly great. It ok to be selective. I rather sit and enjoy the music than be pulled and yanked off axis by inexperienced leaders. However, if you are an inexperienced leader and you are nice and upfront about needing a little practice, I...
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    Canaro's Poema

    Love Poema Hi there, Poema is one of my favorite songs. The full song can be heard in my blog. besos, Eva
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    What is your favorite Tango Music List

    Favorite Tango songs Hi, I have compiled a playlist of my favvvorite songs on my blog. Check out my music player! Besos, Eva
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    How addicted are you???

    I actually did and it was a disaster! He wanted to practice walking at a milonga after our dinner. I helped him practice the "basic 8" for 3 hours and wanted to kill him everytime he stepped on my new Comme Il Fauts. ;) Eva
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    How addicted are you???

    Actually the hot date is learning tango now... suddenly he doesn't seem so hot anymore. : ) Eva
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    Which NYC milonga on Wednesday?

    There are two practicas, Dance Manhattan and Dance Sport but I love the floor at 101 Lafayette... there's the Corazon milonga with DJ Yesim. I would say DS or 101 Lafayette for weds.
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    You know you're addicted when...

    ... Dance in the ladies' room at work.
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    Tao of Tango

    Liked the sex and the city aspect of "Kiss and Tango". Eva
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    Stinky People

    I danced with someone last saturday, whom I thought had a problem with flatulence. But as it turned out, it was actually his breath... because the odor was particularly strong when he was talking.
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    How addicted are you???

    I just turned down a hot date, so I can tango on a saturday night.
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    Who are you when you are dancing?

    Depending on the music... I teeter between drama queen and evil seductress. besos, Eva
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    What do you prefer?

    Definitely Tango!!!!
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    Breakfast Time Club!!

    Not so sure but it looks like white jello with a milky custardy pumkin flavor. :p Yummy!!! Eva