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    I have this problem with practice\ rehearsal

    Ok, so most people (at least, based on google results) are too shy to dance in public, be it in studio, or just at a party. My problem is that I feel stupid trying to practice by myself. I'm mainly a ballroom dancer, and maybe that's the main reason (me being used to practice in a studio full of...
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    Personal style of dress?

    But that's not the case. Getting fancy clothes is one thing, but looking well in the ones you have (even the non-fancy ones) is another. I don't know what the situation's like where you live, but here, dancers can't actually afford really fancy clothes, so that's why I'm asking.
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    Personal style of dress?

    could you elaborate?
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    Personal style of dress?

    Yes, hi, this ain't exactly a dance topic, but just something I noticed. So basically, I noticed that ballet dancers, painters, and actors all dress really well, and I'm not talking about when they're performing or taking photos, I'm talking about everyday clothing. I've read a few books and...
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    Member Introductions -- Index

    Is this the introduction thread? I'm sorry, I just couldn't understand it properly...Anyway. My name's George, I'm from Chisinau, Moldova, I'm 22. I am a political science student, and I also 'sort of' study choreography (- 'sort of' because our school is pretty weak, and I can't find a better...