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    Professional Hair/Makeup Prices

    If Stefan Glubovic (AKA Dancecake Makeup) is at your comp, he does BEAUTIFUL work. He's Texas based and I'm in New York so I've never personally used him, but I've been following his career closely. Also, Boyko and his assistants are great. I girl, I think her name was Jenny, did a really cool...
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    Competition Makeup

    Sephora's Cream Lip Stains are INCREDIBLE; they also just added 27 new shades. And MAC's liquid lipsticks stay on forever. Lime Crime's Velvetines do too, but that company is super sketchy.
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    How do you select your competitions ?

    Cryptic! I really want to know what this means.
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    Hair & Makeup appointment protocol question

    I had my hair and makeup appointments, both with assistants of Boyko, and they both did a great job. *But*. My hair appointment was for the night before and they asked me to come back an hour later because they were running behind and the girls hanging out in the room were supposed to dance...
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    What are you excited about in your dancing right now?

    Thank you! I am so STUPIDLY excited.
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    What are you excited about in your dancing right now?

    Manhattan Dancesport 2012 was the first competition I ever attended, just as a spectator. Manhattan Dancesport 2017 will be the first competition I ever dance in. I had a great lesson the other day; I had that "heaviness" to my dance. I'd started to get it before, which I was thrilled about...
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    Competition Makeup

    Yaaaaaaasssssssss @Sania, that's a list of failsafes!!! One more setting spray tip from me to everyone (other than, ya know, HAVE SOME): Spray your face and let it dry in between every layer of makeup you apply. I mean, the UD sprays are already amazing, and it sounds like a lot to remember...
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    Victor and Anastasia win Blackpool

    I adore Victor and Anastasia, so I am absolutely thrilled they won. Pretty sure I burst into tears when I saw their reaction.
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    Competition Makeup

    Me, pre makeup school: hairspray on your face will work. I've done it. It does. Me after makeup school: *Kevin Hart voice* Noooooo
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    Competition Makeup

    Oh, totally. Almost all my eyelashes are drugstore. Urban Decay setting sprays are on sale on Sephora's web site, btw :D I like Duo glue. I use the green one because it's got vitamins A, C, and E in it. Also, it's iridescent so when it's ready, it turns blue.
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    DWTS Season 24

    He got Ralph'd. At this point, I feel like there's one every season.
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    Rhythm and Smooth at Blackpool 2017

    I'm STILL upset that Rhythm is finally at Blackpool and there's no longer Emmanuel and Liana. I think that was actually the first thought I had when I heard about their retirement :pain: still hurts.
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    Competition Makeup

    I hear Milani's Make It Last spray is good. I've also heard about the NYX one. But Urban Decay setting sprays are the only ones I'll use.
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    DWTS Season 24

    Or "They" could just stop manipulating the show. If that happened, I'd go back to watching.
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    IDS vs. Ray Rose vs. Aida Latin Shoes

    BLASPHEMY! Just kidding. They have sneakers and flats too. But I digress. I've been wanting Aidas with some form of tricked-out soles for a very long time, but my pro won't let me buy any more shoes :rofl: