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    San Francisco/Bay area ballroom dancing info

    As for salsa, look up John Narvaez and Liz Rojas with Salsamania.
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    Dreamy wedding...

    WOW. How different is THAT? For someone whose Cuban motion has been openly praised, I sure didn't do it last night :p the way the feet go, the frame (HURRRAAAY)! So much to think about! WE focused all on foundational concepts and came a long way in th ehour we were there. So much more than...
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    Dreamy wedding...

    :-) I was talking about it with my husband last night. He totally gets it. And tonight we're going to have our first lesson, hee hee.... (cue Indiana Jones music)
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    Dreamy wedding...

    And come to think of it, this is the first time I've felt like I wanted to compete. Wow. Whenever I was dancing salsa I didn't feel that urge. But this ballroom thing? Hmm... wonder if a 31 year old can win something... I was talking to Billy Fajardo and he was so encouraging. He began...
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    Dreamy wedding...

    LOL.. long-lost Josh speaks :-) And he's right.
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    Dreamy wedding...

    I went to a wedding last night. When I was walking into the reception hall, I saw I guy I had met once last year running out, and he said, "I have to get my dance shoes!". I jumped. I hadn't brought mine. They were ahalf hour away and I didn't think there would be any dancers there! Turns...
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    Holy cow. Three inch heels.

    Very astute. That seems to be the case. Molina liked the heels for the leg line, which I have to agree, is better with higher heels. But I still haven't found a way to dance without being in incredible pain in those. Perhaps the heel is in the wrong place... and yeah. I do know that a lot of...
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    Holy cow. Three inch heels.

    I think that's my biggest problem. I'm right around 6' high and wearing those 3"ers makes me waaaayyyyy tall, raises my center of gravity and also challenges the arch of right foot. There's a lot of weight on the balls of my feet, too. I do like how I can spin in them, but after a dance or two I...
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    Loving Salsa! Hi I'm new to this site!

    Welcome, Angela!! Nice to meet you!
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    Interesting Congressos Coming Up / Travel Related

    Congress in LOUTRAKI??? On my BIRTHDAY?? Oh my god. Loutraki is where my grandmother and I used to go to get our drinking water. She's not with us anymore, bless her soul. Loutraki is close to where we live. I'm in Canada now but.. but... Oh god what a weird mix of past and present that would be.
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    BWAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!! :twisted: That's all I have to say about that. If there's anyone else who wants to add me, I'm Katarina Loutas Kuhn. :-)
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    Five Letter Game

    Rarely are committees effective solutions. BENDY
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    phrase add a phrase

    While Sam was on the right page, with Elise following closely behind, this thread got back on track and even more precious work hours were frittered away on delightful frivolities!
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    "Never have I ever...."

    I have gone caving! Never have I ever climbed a big mountain.
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    phrase add a phrase

    Waiting for a ball to field at the annual inter preschool baseball game, there was plenty of time for Billy's dad to hit on Mrs. Murphy.