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    does anybody really dance guaguanco?

    Co sign on the club format of Nydia. I was in NY recently and learnt so much.. Free...In a club. A private with her must be just amazing! I love rumba! It's so playful and sexy. It's not just with a hankerchief though, some men will use their bodies like a quick thrust. When they used to that...
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    Salsa not meant for stage

    Good points
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    What are u missing Most..

    I miss people who dance with PASSION! I'm fed up of people who just go through turn patterns, without listening to the music. I spent the evening with some of the cast of Havana Rakatan last week, and had the best dance I've had since I got back from Cuba.
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    Hitting Breaks

    Hmmm, this is why I end up dancing to my favourite songs alone. Hmmm, I'm only on page 1, let me continue...
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    Interesting articles - NYDIA OCASIO

    After taking the free group class with Nydia this week, I was struck by her passion, and had to come on here to see if there was more info. Boriken I loved what you wrote on the first page, I felt everything you wrote.
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    NY instructors/Nydia & Pupy

    I had a fab time at SOBs on Friday. Nydia is a fab teacher, and I will definitely take a private class when I have the opportunity. Oooh! I had my eye on that festival too NL, but I'll be in Hong Kong for work :(
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    NY instructors/Nydia & Pupy

    Thank you! I've been trying to get her website for ages. I emailed her and she emailed me straight back, she'll be teaching at SOBs on the 1st June if anyone is interested. I won't be able to do a private class unfortunately as the times don't work for me... I'm so excited!!! If anyone else is...
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    Here are some clips of Los Van Van I taped while at the concert, and a few clips of the Rumba gathering i was at in La Habana. Enjoy.
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    NY instructors/Nydia & Pupy

    Bumo, could someone provide with with Nydias info please?
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    What’s WRONG with salsa?

    I agree! I'm not going to name names, but I know 2 dancers that are FANTASTIC dancers, but aren't very good teachers, I think it's because it come naturally to them, so they never had to learn. Then there is a teacher who isn't the greatest dancer I've seen, but can breal down movements like no...
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    Focus on the Music FIRST … The Beat (Timing) SECOND…!!!

    What an excellent subject! It's funny, Edie was in the UK last year and we spoke for a while, and I told her that this was my main gripe in salsa. People don't hear, or seem to feel the music, they are stuck on turn patterns. I don't mind dancing with beginners either, I always encourage them...
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    San Fran dancers...

    Where do you go on a Saturday and Sunday night? I'm coming out andwould like to try salsa in your city. Any reccommendations? I've looked on and seen a few clubs, but which is a good one?
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    Do you go out dancing?

    I hardly go out dancing anymore. I just don't like the way the scene is at the moment. I go out with friends, I listen, I have a few dances, and that it.
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    Do you go out dancing?

    It sounds like a really silly question, but my friend done ahealthy eating seminar this weeking, and got talking to a guy there about dancing. Anyway, they ended up dancing a little and she said he was easily the best lead she had danced with for a while. When she asks him where he goes out, he...
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    Singapore, places to salsa ? dance classes ?

    I went to a salsa club near the Omara Hotel, it was really good. Not sure about classes though, because I didn't take them I found it on Hope this helps.