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    Zouk or Salsa in Curacao

    Hello all, My friend and I are planning our annual trip and this year it looks like we're heading to Curacao...gotta work on the tan :) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good salsa or zouk places in Curacao...we will probably go into the main city for dancing ac ouple of nights...
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    Anyone knows Kizomba dance?

    Saw my first zouk and kizomba live demo in the states! So, I've been searching and searching for a place where I can learn kizomba in new york. Well, I signed up for a samba gafiera class (which, btw, is a lot of fun!) and my instructors put on a demonstration of zouk and then of
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    Anyone knows Kizomba dance?

    Anyone know if and where one can learn kizomba in paris? Thank you
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    Salsa in Bordeaux, France...

    What is the salsa scene like in Paris? I will be there the first week of August and would like to hit hte dance floor there. Thanx :D
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    Anyone knows Kizomba dance?

    Kizomba dance classes Can anyone tell me where I can learn kisomba in New York? I just got back from Lisbon and when kizomba came on everyone went on the dancefloor...well everyone except my friend and I. it is such a sexy dance and guys look great dancing it. Now I just gotta find me the right...
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    Salsa" threesomes"

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    Which dance or combination of dances gives the best workout?

    I agree with Sagitta, brazillian samba is def. a workout.
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    Salsa" threesomes"

    I too wish I were good enough for a salsa threesome, but I've only managed to perfect merengue threesomes. You definitely have to dance with people that realize it's a threesome and won't get upset when it comes time for them to dance by's not a competition, can't we all just get...
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    Bringing in the 20's...

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    Paris Salsa Clubs - Which are worth visiting?

    This is great! I will be in Paris this August...this will be very useful. Now I don't have to do research.
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    Flamenco dancing!!

    Hope you have great coordination skills. I tried flamenco a couple of times and had a blast. Although I never really got the hang of it, it is something that I would like to perfect. (It's also a really good workout).
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    Can you stop at only one dance style?

    Sagitta, I noticed that you're from NY. Where did you go dance samba? I love SOB's (Saturday nights)...the atmosphere is great and the music keeps everyone dancing...I highly recommend it.
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    Favourite songs

    Hey everyone! Ya'll are sooo friendly...I think I just might have to invite some of my friends to join. Genesius - LOL you got it...I couldn't think of any other word but this one...then I figured that in some way it fits here. Heck, sometimes I find myself dancing to the chiming of bells...
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    Can you stop at only one dance style?

    In no particular order: salsa (on 1 and 2) bachata merengue cumbia samba I've had a little taste of swing, liked it, but couldn't find the time to contine classes I will also be starting zouk this Sunday...can't wait :D
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    Favourite songs

    I love Sonora Carruseles "Micaela," it is such a fun salsa song. Anything by Joe Arroyo is great too. I also really like Vallenato. Actually, quite a handful of Bachata hits were "borrowed" from Vallenatos i.e., Monchy y Alexandra's "Hoja en Blanco." I also love track 2 on my only french...