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    A taste of Indy's salsa scene

    Oh nice! Thanks for sharing. :)
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    And Basketball, 2008-9

    Since this thread isn't titled, NBA 2008-9, I guess it would be apropos to discuss March Madness which starts tomorrow? I just did a bracket, picking NC to win it all. I'm hardly ever right about these things, so I probably just jinxed 'em!
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    Anyone watch Battlestar Galactica?

    Final episode is apparently this Friday. The hype machine is certainly out in full force. I didn't watch last week's part 1, but plan on watching both parts perhaps Saturday morning.
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    Basic Salsa Steps

    It's the same, no? She's doing the same step at 1:55 as what Anthony is describing in his step. Her other basic is just that, another type of basic. You'd probably be best off learning what is predominently being taught in your town/city, as in - if the basics of what you've learned isn't the...
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    And Basketball, 2008-9

    I heard that McGrady of the Rockets is gone for the season, too?
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    And Basketball, 2008-9

    Well, Lebron was playing really, really well for a while there. Maybe the Cavs are peaking too early?
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    Music to Dance To?

    In my experience, you can Cha Cha, West Coast Swing, or Merengue to a lot more "popular" music than Salsa, but as long as both you and your dance partner can find the right timing to a particular song, then sure, why not?
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    Rest in Peace: Joe Cuba Another famous salsa musician has passed away. He will be missed.
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    No More Electric Slide Threats

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    Anyone watch Battlestar Galactica?

    Last week's show was really good. Finally, *some* answers!
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    Chicago salsa congress 2009

    Have fun!
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    DC this weekend

    I'd also suggest you go check out Earl Rush's Stuck on Salsa website.
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    Anyone watch Battlestar Galactica?

    It's certainly had a lot of drama the past few episodes. How many more shows until the finale?
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    2008 Football Thread

    Congrats to the Steelers! 6th Super Bowl for them. (I was rooting for the Cardinals... :evil: )
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    2008 Football Thread

    Superbowl plans, anyone? I'm just going to go over to a friend's place. Good chance that we'll be dancing during halftime instead of watching the halftime shows.