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    Clogging is the word lol

    Hi Jersey, There are a number of teams in the Knoxville area that you might want to check out. Lynn Ogle has a team down there, all of her contact information is on There is also another team called Silver Dance Express. There information is on under the team...
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    Dance Fever August 24th

    I will be watching. Mike of ALL THAT! is a judge at my clogging competition in September, and he made us all promise to watch. I am interested to see all the dancers, and to hear the judges commits.
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    Dance Fever Week 5 Discussion Thread

    Well I guess I will put in my opinion since there seems to be a little bit of turmoil over this weeks decision. I honestly felt like this weeks contestants were weaker than the ones in past. I do feel like the couple dancers were better overall than the other dancers. I did feel like the...
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    National Clogging Convention

    I am not sure if anyone is interested in this or not but I thought I would post the information if anyone was. On Nov 26- Nov 29 the National Clogging Convention is being held at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas. This convention will offer shows, team performances, competition, and three days of...
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    Clogging Websites

    Hey everyone just wanted to correct a wrong website I put down. The America on Stage website is I previously put .com. Sorry about that everyone. By the way this organization is the organization that does most of the clogging on the west coast. Chip
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    Clogging Websites

    I just wanted to let a few of the members know about some websites relating to clogging, while this list is not all inclusive it will give you a start. (web site of All That!) (Southern Belles...
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    Clogging is the word lol

    Well I am not sure why clogging is on the dance beat but a number of us believe it is because the people who originated clogging found it to be more rhythmic. When you dance on the downbeat it goes with the base of the music. Clogging Competitions often have an a-cappella catagory where the...
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    Clogging is the word lol

    I also forgot to mention that there are many team in the west now. While yes clogging started out as a southern appaliachan dance form there are some very good teams from California, Arizonia, Nebraska, and Utah. If anyone would like some contact information let me know. CHIP
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    Clogging is the word lol

    Hi Everyone, My name is Chip Harrison and I am a clogger from North Carolina. All the post are right, clogging is an awesome dance form and I am glad to see it getting some attention. To elaborate on what Michael said clogging is danced on the down beat, and tap is on the up beat. Cloggers also...
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    Dance Fever Week 4 Discussion Thread

    Hi, I am a clogger and I know there has been a lot of discussion about the differences between clogging, tap, and irsh stepdancing. Well the most obvious difference between clogging and tap is that tap is danced on the upbeat, and clogging on the down. Cloggers also use a variety of other forms...