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    The Five Elements of Musicality

    Looks like I am a little late to this party, but I have stopped by the site to read some of the articles noted here, and like others I am struck by how well written they are. Really great articles, and a high quality site too.
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    8 Things Dance Teachers Wish They Could Tell “Dance Moms”

    This is a great article, and the site itself is pretty good too!
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    How to Become a Professional Dancer

    Its so hard to get yourself noticed as a dancer and actually start to make a name for yourself. There are definitely a variety of ways to do this, the chain school being one of them. I did enjoy the article, however, but the comment above is just as useful :)
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    15 Truths About Being a Professional Dancer

    hey it strikes me that this article could be about almost anything... like most of the points made are almost universal truths... Like I have always been taught - nothing worthwhile is ever easy... Great article