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    Degree of closeness and figure frequency

    I think when your attention is fully on the embrace, it reveals what figures you have that are truly integrated into your dance. I view brainpower as a finite resource while dancing. Everything takes a chunk - figures, partner/embrace, musicality, floorcraft. Some situations described by brain...
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    What do you expect from the men you dance with?

    I think learning a "figure" or a whole sentence is an easy way for them to get all of the positions contained in that figure in their body. I'm always working on my following, and I have pretty ok technique and sensitivity carried over from my leading. The one thing that doesn't carry over is...
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    How do you answer this question?

    I was asked this the other day, and the truth was I had never seen her looking at me. So that's what I told her.
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    Books for Tango

    "Tango Stories: Musical Secrets" "Tango Masters: Anibal Troilo" "Tango Masters: Osvaldo Pugliese" All by Michael Lavocah Also "Enjoy Getting the Dances you Want" by Oliver Kent
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    Watching Yourself Dance to Improve

    @Zoopsia59 Totally agree; body alignment and arm positioning have taken top priority recently. What's weird is that it was so hard to uncover. It's not uncomfortable for my partners, at least not consciously so. None of them (or other random dancers at practicas) have mentioned feeling lifted or...
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    Contracontrabody Movement Cross System?

    Hey @Tango Distance! Great job using contrabody movement to make your tango feel better. Let me try to address what you want from your post. I've been using "co-body" movement to denote the opposite of "contrabody" movement. Don't think it's the scientific term, but it gets what I mean across...
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    Watching Yourself Dance to Improve

    The constant drive to improve one's tango never lets up, so that means it's time to evaluate myself again! I've been keeping up the trend of practicing 2 hours a week, socially dancing at practicas 4 hours a week, and working on lessons/teaching 7 hours a week. Also, I get to go to a festival...
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    What are the 5 top reasons that make a man ask a woman to dance? Beauty comes first?

    From the "Here I am Nobody." article posted previously: It seems to me that sexiness is coincidentally correlated with dance ability. Those with lithe, athletic bodies tend to have better body awareness and balance due to other physical activities. Younger people are more flexible, and so...
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    Cheapest private lessons in Europe?

    I've never done this, but here's an idea how I might go about it: Google the milongas in the city you're visiting/might want to visit Search youtube or google for performances this year at that milonga. Example "Tango Nou Mitte Performance 2017" (for Berlin). Local teachers often perform at...
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    What do you think comes first...

    For me "passion" is just another way of describing intense focus on your partner. Working on technique also takes intense focus, and so can't be worked on at the same time. So you need to choose what you'll focus on at any given time. Spend some time focusing on technique, then lay it aside for...
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    Group Lessons vs. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Learning

    The music cycle has to last 15 minutes, so I've been doing 2 Canaro, 2 Calo, 1 electro tango, then a cortina for people to bring their attention back to the center. The electro tango lets people know to wrap up whatever concept they're working on. Musicality is probably the biggest weakness of...
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    Group Lessons vs. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Learning

    That's about right. The first tier is designed for people who haven't really danced at all before. It has things like a mirror game to develop body awareness and introduce the concept of leader's intention. It has side-by-side walking. It introduces the concept of learning footwork by ending...
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    Group Lessons vs. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Learning

    Still going strong! I purchased some silicone wristbands to help people easily group together, and made some posters with the mission listings on it. We've worked out the kinks and things are streamlined. It's still popular, especially among the shyer dancers. There were some people who had...
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    How do you compliment a follower

    My favorite compliment to receive - heights permitting - is the feel of a quick smile against my cheek.
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    Group Lessons vs. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Learning

    We did our first learning lab this past week, and I have to say I'm really liking the format. It's so nice to be able to accommodate all skill levels in a class. It's nice that the class isn't slowed down by late people. It's nice that everyone can learn at the pace they choose instead of a...